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110/220V 800W 946C Hot Plate Preheating Station For PCB SMD Heating

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110V 946C Hot Plate Preheating Station is avaible, 946C Plate Preheat Station For PCB SMD Heating. Electronic Hot Plate Preheat Preheating Station heater power is 800W, Heating panel 200 * 200mm.

110/220V 800W 946C Hot Plate Preheating Station

Power: 800W

Temperature Range: 50 to 350 degrees, plus or minus 1 degree

Temperature display: 3 (display resolution: 1 degree)

Heating panel: Dimensions mm: 200 * 200 * 20

Constant slow stability: 1.5 degrees

Conventional temperature setting: Press * key more than one second, you can enter the temperature setting mode, press the * key to switch to the median value of the set temperature and the heating or cooling through key settings.


Instant temperature setting: at constant temperature heating units, direct heating or cooling key key can be adjusted to the current operating temperature of ± 50 °c.


1. heating units placed work platform, countertops should be smooth, the material must be resistant to heat.
2. in the course of their work, the board and around the very hot, be careful to guard against burn, burn!
3. the heated object to safety, high temperatures may damage the heating elements.
4. prohibiting the use of the heating plate in the vicinity of flammable and combustible material.
5. to move or touch the machine, remember to turn off the power to be heated plate is completely cooled to room temperature.
6. the machine is a high-temperature electric products, remember to cut off the power if not using the machine to avoid danger and accidents.
7. in order to extend the life of the heating element and the machine is prohibited in high temperature (300 °c above) continuous long-term use of the machine, under normal circumstances, the machine should not be more than eight hours of continuous work time.


1. make sure the machine ground grounded.
2. Do not let the air flow blowing straight on the plate, otherwise it will affect the heating of the heater


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