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2M2 Magic Tank Auto Key Cutting Machine Locksmith Equipment

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2M2 Tank Magic Car Key Cutting Machine including Standard Version (without Battery) and full version. 2M2 automatic key cutting tools work through an android mobile app via Bluetooth connection.

2M2 Tank Magic Key Copying Duplicator Machine

Option1: Standard Version

Option2: Full Version

Chinese and English menus are optional, with video operation.

Milling cutter spindle brushless motor, ball screw drive mechanism, cross roller guide, aluminum alloy body structure, outer casing engineering plastic, 2 in 1 clamp,Mobile APP Android control interface, easy to operate, fast and accurate, easy to carry out work.With 4 guide pins, 2 milling cutters. Work in outside can carry with a stable chassis.

Database version: 2019.0612

1.You don't have to learn it, you open the APP and you do it
2. Special models do not need to change the fixture, just follow the APP prompt
3. Cutting for Ford for M/ondeo (FO21), for Jaguar (TEB1) round key, only need to clip the key blank once, fully automatic completion, global patent technology
4. For new users do not know the key, directly against the picture selection
5. The motor is powerful, can reach 12,000 RPM(Revolutions Per Minute), cutting speed is the fastest in the same competition
6. Double shaft design, avoid frequent replacement of milling cutter and needle
7. The standard fixture is a 2-in-1 fixture, which can be used for cutting the vertical milling blank and the key of the horizontal milling blank. It is not necessary to change the fixture frequently
8. 162T For Volkswagen 4 sides, only need to be clamped once, can be fully automatic four side cutting
9. Toy2 does not need special fixture, directly cut the key, other manufacturers need to install gasket fixture
10. For Volkswagen's hu66 is also directly available in this standard fixture for direct cutting,At present only our fixture can do, other brands have to change the fixture,Or put a special fixture on it

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine Specifications:

Milling spindle     Brushless Motor
Transmission mechanism     Ball screw
Guide rail     Cross roller guide
Body structure     Aluminium alloy
Shell structure     Engineering plastic
Clamp/Fixture     2 in 1 fixture
Additional fixture     HU64 Mercedes-Benz fixture HU64
Control interface     Android App
Weight     10.8KG
Warranty     2 years
Power supply     Adapter

M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting machine Supported Vehicles:

Europe vehicle:

USA vehicle:

Japan & Korea vehicle:

Package includes:

1pc x Newest 2M2 Automatic Car Key Cutting machine



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