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43 Noose Lock Pick Gun 43 Guns Needle Electric Unlocking Tool

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43 Noose Lock Pick Gun is a 43 needles cordless eletric pick gun. 43 Guns Needle Electric Unlocking Tool Could open Locks by Bumping. Multi lock Pick Gun Comes with 43 Kinds of bumping pick heads.

43 Noose Lock Pick Gun 43 Guns Needle Electric Unlocking Tool

43 Guns Electric Unlocking Tool Description :

Could open Locks by Bumping, Shaking and Brushing.
Comes complete with a 110-220V AC rechargeable power supply, 43 Kinds of bumping pick heads .
Adjustable speed, by turning the button on the mobile power supply, can control the impact velocity from slow to superfast.

43 noose Lock Pick Gun Usage:

1) Choosing correct the pick head, insert it to the lock plug.
2) Turn it to 90 Degree of the Lock Open Direction and press the switch lightly.
3) It will transfer the lock Plug automatically while the lock pin departing.

Available for the following lock :

Spin pin tumbler Locks, Kaba Locks, Half round Lock and Mini Lock;
BuYang Lock (Double Line pin, 3D pin, and Single Line pin + Snake keyway)
Baodean Lock ( Single Line Pin + Snake Keyway and 4D pin)
Half Round Lock, Anti-theft Lock, Wangli Lock (Mini and Double Line pin)
Jia le (MingAo and Weini) Lock, Meilibao Lock(Double Teeth, Wan Jia, Double Line pin + Snake Keyway, Meilibao 9001,8008, Manseng)

Package included :

43 x Bumping pick heads with 1 tension tool
1 x Cordless Electric Lock Pick Gun
1 x Rechargeable mobile power supply
1 x Power Cable
1 x CD



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