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64 Bit Nand IC Programmer Mainboard Nand Flash HDD SN Repair

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64 Bit Nand IC Programmer for iPhone 5S 6 Plus iPad, 64 Bit Mainboard Nand Flash for iPhone Can repiar WiFi, Bluetooth problems for iPhone.

WL 64 Bit Nand IC Programmer Mainboard Nand Flash HDD SN Repair

Support: 5S、6、6p、mini2、mini3、mini4、ipxd Air、ipxd Air2

WL 64Bit phone programmer special custom, double head with claw, external plating 24K gold, contact strength! more stable and efficient

64Bit Nand Flash IC Chip Programmer Repair Mainboard Nand Flash,  Hard Disk HDD, Serial Number SN for iPhoxe 5S 6 Plus iPxd Air Mini 2 3...

New design: Touch Button + Don't need boot NAND


1: Support iphone models 5S / 6 / 6G / 6PLUS models were SN, country, color modification.

2: The support can be any repair iphone models 5S problem / 6G / 6PLUS and other emerging WIFI, Bluetooth can not be used.

3: Support hard disk capacity expansion or repair. Expand your iPhone nand flash hdd storage

4: Support iphone models 5S / 6G / 6PLUS ipad model mini 2 / mini 3 / ipad air / ipad air 2 hard disk arbitrarily modify the underlying data.

5: The instrument is equipped with the reset button to automatically restart a key instrument to support batch modify the hard disk.

Question: In mob mobile iphone hardware repair, we often encounter iphone 5S 6 6P flash error 9, 14, 40, 2009, 4013, 4014, boot blue, red boot screen, restart, how to solve it?

Answer: most of these problem are caused by the hdd ic. we can change a good hdd ic to solve the problem.

Question:  Expanded memory capacity of mobile iphone information how to do?

Answer: It supported by iphone 5s,6,6p, ipad mini2,mini3,air(ipd5),air2(ipd6), need to expanded,the first need to remove the hdd ic, buy a larger capacity of hdd ic back(like 32G/64G/128G), to change the hdd ic data, so as to match the imei pairing data, after change, the large capacity of the hdd ic installed on the motherboard, after normal activation.

Question:  Can it be remove ID (icloud unlock)?

Answer: iphone 6, 6plus can't remove id by this tool directly, these are need to change clip + hdd + baseband CPU + Nand hdd + baseband clip + a8 RAM + fingerprint. iPad mini 2, mini 3, air, air 2 wifi version can be remove id, if 3G version after remove bypass ID will becomes wifi version. ipad remove id method: take down the hdd ic, and then change a unlock sn without id, installed back to the motherboard, normal activation.

WL 64 Bit Nand IC Programmer Function:

1. Can change Nand Flash Serial Number (SN), Area, Color and others for iPhone 5S 6 6+

2. Can repiar WiFi, Bluetooth problems for iPhone 5S 6 6+

3. Can repair and expand the capacity by changing Nand Flash for iPhone 5S 6 6+

4. Can modify the basic data for iPhone 5S 6 6+ for iPad Mini 2 3 for iPad Air 2

5. Can unlock for iPhone 5S by changing IC with other tool and software, but not for iPhone 6, 6 plus

Software download:

After the installation prompt is successful, the device can be directly connected, and the software will automatically identify which mobile phone model series the device belongs to.

Note: If the test stand is connected to the computer, after the hard disk is inserted, the device will automatically enter the DFU Brush mode without opening the Bandung Assistant.

64 Bit Nand IC Programmer Package Including:

1x WL 64 Bit IC Programmer

1x Engineering Data Cable




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