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A8A9 CPU Intelligent Desoldering Platform For Iphone 6 6S 6P 6SP

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For Apple 6 6S CPU Intelligent Desoldering Platform is a free hot air gun. A8A9 Chip Unsolder Tool with Local Fever function, will not hurt other chips. A8 A9 hot air gun For Iphone 6 6S 6P 6SP come with  A8A9 CPU Intelligent Desoldering

A8A9 CPU Intelligent Desoldering Platform For Iphone 6 6S 6P 6SP

Option1: A8A9 Intelligent Desoldering Platform + 6 6P mainboard mould (As Gift)

Option2: A8A9 Intelligent Desoldering Platform + 6 6SP mainboard mould (As Gift)

Unsolder Operation Instructions:

The unsolder has two methods of disassembling/assembling for Iphone CPU

Method1: The unsolder can be used along-with a hot air gun for disassembling/assembling;

Method2: THe unsolder can be used alone for disssembling/assembling;

Introduction of method 1:

The digital temperature controller is adjusted to 230-240℃ (temperature level:10-12; air flow level:7-9); an i-phone mainboard is placed on the bench of the unsolder and heated from about 2 minutes; the imported 2310(air gun) or class 858 air gun is used for Peration;Class 2310(air gun) temperature is generally between 260 and 280; class 850 air gun is not recommended; the results from repairing of hundreds of faulty CPUs show that no tin explosion has occurred during disassembing of the rear top(cover) of CPU, and they can quickly be repaired successfully by replacing the CPU pin.

Introduction of method 2:

When the unsolder is used alone, the digital temperature controller is adjused to about 292℃(temperature level:13-15; air flow level:6-10); as the case maybe no air gun is used. this method is very successful and easy to operate.(the hard disk is disassembled and assembled by the above method0.

Hint: this unsolder has the factory default teperature of 290℃(temperature level:13-15; air flow level:6-10); which is set according to method 2, but is not an absolute work value, in actual repair, the temperature is finely adjusted according to the actual conditions and indoor temperature.

Temperature adjustment instructions of smart temperature controller:

at the normal indication state of" present value(PV)"/" set value(SV)", press the key " set(set)" so that the "set value(SV)" indicator flased; press the key"<<" to find the set temperature digit, then press the key"↑" or "↓" to set the required temperature value, and finally preset the key "set" to complete the setting.


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