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Creator C508 EOBD Multi-System Code Reader C508 ABS Scanner

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Creator C508 EOBD Multi-System Code Reader supports for FIAT / ALFA / ABARTH / LANCIA ABS, C508 ABS Scan Tool supports upgrade online. it with Full OBDII Function allows you to scan engine readings and associated trouble codes (check engine indicator) on any model / model.

Creator C508 EOBD Multi-System Code Reader C508 ABS Scanner

Creator C508 Scanner Functions Include:

Read Trouble Codes, Clear Trouble Codes, Ecu Information, Live data and graph display

The year between  2007 to 2016

Creator C508 Specifications: 

A) Display: Color, 320 x 240 pixel display with contrast adjustment
B) Operation Temperature: - 20 ℃ -- 75 ℃
C) Storage Temperature:  -40 ℃  --  120 ℃
D) Power:  8V -- 24V

Creator C508 Code Reader Supports models:

FQ-Fiorino Qubo
PE-Punto EVO
BF-For Fiat 500L

Creator C508 System coverage:

PCM -- Powertrain Control Module
ECM -- Engine Control Module
TCM -- Transmission Control Module
XCM -- Transfer Case Module
SLA -- Shift Lever Sensor Assembly
ESM -- Electronic Shifter
FDCM -- Final Drive Control/All Wheel Drive
ACC -- Adaptive Cruise Control
CGW -- Central Gateway
ORC -- AirBag/Occupant Restraint
MIC/CCN -- Mechanical Instrument Cluster
HVAC -- Heat, Ventilation and A/C
PLGM -- Power Liftgate Module
APM -- Adjustable Pedal Module
ATC -- Automatic Temp Control
MTC -- Manual Temp Control
CHM -- Cabin Heater Module
BCH -- Booster Cabin Heater Module (ZHZ)
ACH -- Auxiliary Cabin Heater (STH)
MSM -- Memory Seat/Memory Heated Seat
OCM -- Occupant Classification
SCM -- Steering Column
RSA -- Right Side Airbag
LSA -- Left Side Airbag
BCM -- Body Controller
ASBS -- Automatic Sway Bar System
FSM -- Fold Stow Module
WCM/TPMS -- Wireless Control
PSM -- Universal/Special ECU
TM -- Trailer
SUNR -- Sunroof
PTIM -- Police/Taxi Interface Module
HIDT -- High Intensity Discharge Translator
AHLM -- Headlamp Leveling
AHBM -- Automatic High Beam
RCM -- Roof Control Module
AEHM -- Auxiliary Electrical Heating Module
PTS -- Parktronics
EOM -- Electronic Overhead
ITM -- Intrusion Transceiver Module
PTCM -- Power Top Control Module
IPM -- Integrated Power Module
SRM -- Airbag On/Off Switch
TRV -- Traveller
VTS -- Vehicle Theft Security
CMT/VIC -- Overhead Console
PAM -- Park Assist Module
RSM -- Rain Sensor Module
TPM -- Tire Pressure Monitor
SAS -- Steering Angle Sensor
ABS -- Anti Lock Brakes
ESP -- Electronic Stability Program
SBM -- Center Console / Switch Bank Module
AUD -- Audio Systems(Radio,CD,DVD,Nav)
CDC -- CD Changer
DVD -- DVD Changer
RADIO -- Radio
SDARV -- Satellite Video Receiver
SDAR -- Satellite Radio
DAA -- Digital Audio Amplifier
AMP -- Amplifier
SAR -- Satellite Audio Receiver
NAV -- Navigation System
HFM -- Hands Free Module
VES -- Vehicle Entertainment System
VES2 -- Second Row Screen
VES3 -- Last Row Screen
DISP -- Front Display
DMFR -- Door Module Front Right
DMFL -- Door Module Front Left
DMRL -- Rear Door Module (Left)
DMRR -- Rear Door Module (Right)
PSDMR -- Power Sliding Doors (Right)
PSDML -- Power Sliding Doors (Left)
DDM -- Driver Door Module
PDM -- Passenger Door Module
MUX -- Door Mux
IC -- Instrument Cluster
HSM -- Heated Seat Module
ECM -- Engine Control Module
BPCM -- Battery Pack Control Module
BSM -- Blind Spot Module
DTCM -- Drive Train Control Module
EAC -- Electric A/C Compressor
EBG -- Electronic Booster Gauge
EPS -- Electric Power Steering
HCP -- Hybrid Control Processor
HGM -- Hybrid Gateway Module
ITBM -- Integrated Trailer Brake Module
MCPA -- Motor Control Processor A
MCPB -- Motor Control Processor B
PEM -- Passive Entry Module
ADCM -- Active Damping Control Module
AFLS -- Adaptive Front Lighting System
ASCM -- Air Suspension Control Module
BTM -- Battery Thermal Module
DCU -- Dosing Control Unit
DRM -- Data Recorder Module
ELSD -- Electronic Limited Slip Differential
EPPM -- Electronic Pedestrian Protection Module
ICS -- Integrated Center Stack
IPC -- Instrument Panel Cluster
OBCM -- On Board Charging Module
PHGM -- Plug In Hybrid Gateway Module
RFH -- Radio Frequency Hub
SCCM -- Steering Column Control Module
TGW -- Telematic Gateway Radio
VSIM -- Vehicle System Interface Module
AHM -- Additional Heater Module
CSWM -- Comfort Seat Wheel Module
CTM -- Convergence Telematic Module
EPB -- Electrical Parking Brake
ESL -- Electronic Steering Lock
ETM -- Entertainment Telematic Module
FFCM -- Forward Facing Camera Module
HVACR -- Heat, Ventilation and A/C Rear
LBSS -- Left Blind Spot Sensor
PTU -- Power Transfer Unit
RBSS -- Right Blind Spot Sensor
RDM -- Rear Drive Module
VGT -- Variable Geometry Turbo
VTM -- Vehicle Tracking Module
EDM -- External Disc Module
CMM -- Instrument Panel Cluster
DSTM -- On Board Charging Module
MSMD -- Plug In Hybrid Gateway Module
PSTM -- Radio Frequency Hub
RMN -- Steering Column Control Module
TBM -- Telematic Gateway Radio
TRM -- Vehicle System Interface Module
AAML -- Active Aerodynamic Module Left
AAMR -- Active Aerodynamic Module Right
CDCM -- Chassis Domain Control Module
CSWM -- Comfort Seat Wheel Module
DMM -- Door Management Module
ECM2 -- Engine Control Module 2
EMCM -- Entertainment Multimedia Control Module
FFCM -- Forward Facing Camera Module
HALF -- Haptical Lane Feedback
RRM -- Radio Receiver Module
TMM -- Track Mapping Module
TTM -- Trailer tow module
TVM -- Torque Vectoring Module

Package includes:

1pc x Creator C508 Scan Tool
1pc x  User's Manual


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