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DES H95 5-in-1 Comprehensive Maintenance Desoldering Station

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DES H95 5 IN 1 Comprehensive Rework Solder is an Multifunctional integrated maintenace system. H95 Iron Heat Gun With Regulated power supply. DES95 include: soldering iron, hot air gun, SMD anti-static pen, desoldering platform, regulated power supply.

DES H95 5 IN 1 Soldering Iron Rework Stations

H95 Soldering Iron features

5 in 1 multi-functional integrated maintenance platform, with functions of welding platform, pull-out platform, preheating platform, vacuum suction and discharge table, adjustable stabilized voltage supply.
Unique appearance design, 5 in 1 function, working space saving design
It is equipment which can be set intelligent startup and shutdown. It will be turned off if there is nobody around the welding platform for 15 minutes after intelligent mode is started; the induction will be started automatically and the machine will be on standby if there are people coming.
Have intelligent sleep function which saves energy.
Have microcomputer temperature offset value so that temperature error is less than ±5℃.
Have password management function.
Have eliminate static design, which is specially safe for sensitive elements.

power supply DES95 features

Light and handy handle, suitable for long time use
Fast temperature returning in 8 seconds
Have sleep function which saves energy.
High quality heating element; platinum, strong temperature sensing
Two ways of temperature display modes (centigrade ℃, Fahrenheit ℉ )
Have microcomputer temperature offset value so that temperature error is less than ±5℃.
High, middle, low three levels of fast selection of temperature
Have LCD display, the contents are clear.

Pull-out platform features

Cyclone outlet design to reduce temperature irregularity.
Small and precise design, operation controlled by handle which saves working time
Adjustable air volume and temperature, suitable for dismantling various kinds of chips such as QFP, SOP, PLCC or SQJ etc.
Have automatic cooling function, the system will blow cooling air continuously after turning off until the temperature inside nozzle casing reduces below 100℃ to prevent heating element overheating.
Built-in temperature sensor which outputs temperature stably regardless of air volume size
Have eliminate static design, which is specially safe for sensitive elements

Preheating platform features

Fast temperature returning in 8 seconds
High quality heating element, platinum, strong temperature sending.
Two ways of temperature display modes (centigrade℃, Fahrenheit℉)
With LCD display, the contents are clear.

Suction and Discharge Table features

With strong suction, small noise, long life, it can work for long time continuously.
Able to suck flat integrated circuit, resistance and various kinds of round and small objects
Built-in diaphragm vacuum pump, no need to connect air system.
Have strong suction, able to suck objects of which weight is up to 120g.
Eliminate static design. The suck pen, suction cushion are hose are all made of eliminate static material which are safer for sensitive elements.

Features ofadjustable stabilized voltage supply

Overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection
High precision, high resolution, low temperature drift, high stability (temperature drift of the whole machine is less than 50ppm, precision is 0.1%, resolute V = 10MV, I = 10MA).
CPU real time tracking to make the output value more stable
LCD four-bit display voltage value, current setting value and output value
Return function (able to absorb external current upto 500mA). It is able to reduce the voltage on output terminal instantaneously to zero (zero-impact to load), when output is stopped or the machine is turned off.  
Ideal combination of switching power and linear power (with high efficiency of switching power and low ripple of linear power both)
Unique circuit topological structure. The circuit structure which can adjust and stabilize voltage on both poles makes the power zero-impact to load at the moment of starting.
Features of USB interface: 5V/2.1A

Product specification

Model H95
Display Intelligent LCD display
Peak power 1800W
Voltage 220VAC/50Hz  110VAC/60Hz
Main machine dimension 230(L)*197(W)*140(H)mm
Machine weight 2.37KG

Welding Platform
Model S90 handle
Power consumption 90W
Temperature controlling range 80-500℃
Resistance between welding nozzle and grounding Below 2Ω
Potential between welding nozzle and grounding Below 2Mv
Welding nozzle model Match with T series of soldering bit
Heating element A1529
Output voltage 24V
High temperature cuff GT04
Cable length  1.2m
Handle weight 100g

Hot air soldering station

Model H95 heat gun
Peak power 1500W
Temperature controlling range 80-500℃
Temperature stabilization ±5℃(when there is no negative charge)
Air volume Level 10-80
DC turbine fan 24V/8300rpm
High temperature cuff GP5/GP6(purchase separately)
Heating element 220V/A1526  110V/A1525
Output voltage 220/110V
Length of handle line 1.2m
Weight 200g

Removable Accessories

Model Produce instruction
ZBC00002 FR Removable Connection(S)and(L)Copper Core
WWJ00087 FP Removable Copper Core(S)
WWJ00086 FP Removable Copper Core(L)

Specification of suck pen
Power consumption 10W
Pump Diaphragm type
Vacuum pressure(max) 280mmHg
External dimension(mm) Suck pen:123(L)*10(outside diameter)
Flexible pipe: 1200(L)*6(outside diameter)
Weight Such pen: 25g
Curved nozzle Internal diameter: 0.4mm and 0.1mm
Outside diameter: 3mm and 10mm
Suction cushion Material: conductive silicone rubber

Application range and specification of vacuum suction and discharge table
Nozzle/suction cushion Max weight of the item Application
Curved nozzle(0.4mm) 1.2g Small flat resistance and other tiny components
Curved nozzle(1.1mm) 4g Small IC(8-40pin)
Curved nozzle(1.1mm)+suction cushion(φ3mm) 40g IC(more than 40 pin)
Curved nozzle(1.1mm)+suction cushion(φ10mm) 120g Large electrical element

Specification parameters ofheating platform

Temperature range 80-300℃(176-572℉)
Power consumption 90W
Heating core A1529
Impedance to earth ﹤2Ω
Voltage to earth ﹤2mv
Dimension 165(L)*65(W)*30(H)mm
Voltage  24V

Adjustable stabilized voltage supply
Model Adjustable stabilized voltage supply
Range of rated output voltage 1.00V-20.00V
Range of rated output current 0.01-5.00A
Output Power 100W
Load regulation Voltage 0.02%+2mV  Current 0.02%+2mA
Precision of set value Voltage 0.1%  Current 0.1%
Precision of display value Voltage 0.1%  Current 0.1%


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