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Fixed Code Press To Press Copy Self-replicating Remote Control

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Fixed Code Press To Press Copy is for vw b5 Sytle 3+1 buttons. Self-replicating Remote Control No Need any copy machine. face to face copy wireless remote control is fixed code.

Fixed Code Press To Press Copy Self-replicating Remote Control

Garage remote control self copy remote key for vw b5 Sytle 3+1 buttons

Model:  CM330 remote key for vw b5 Sytle

No Need any copy machine, easy operation.

Frequency: 315MHz or 433.92MHz

Adjust frequency range:280MHz---450MHz

It can copy fixed code such as:

HT-12E, AX5326-3, AX5326-4, AX5026, PT2262, PT2242, PT2240, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, MC145026, HT640, EV1527, EV527, PT2260, SMC918 series etc.


1. Various crust for your choice
2. Materail: Metal and PVC
3. Encoding type:Fixed/learning/rolling code(optional)
4. High stability:Adopting imported SMT component SAW and super high frequency audion(6.5G)

Main techData:

1. Operating voltage:DC12V
2. Operating Current:<=12mA
3. Operation frequency:303MHZ/310MHZ/315MHZ/433MHZ optional
4. Transmit Power>=10mW
5. Transmission speed:50-60KHz
6. Frequency windage: ±0.2MHz
7. Transmission distance:50meters (open space)
8. Oscillation resistance:Per customer's request
9. Chip and operating mode:Fixed code(2262,2260 and so on)


Wireless home security system
Car anti-theft alarm system
Car keyless entry system
Car sunroof remote control
Vehicle central locking system
Wireless call system
Home appliance / industrial automation
Electronic garage door / gate opener
Remote toy control
Remote fan / lighting control
Wireless motor-driven curtain
Heating systems
Wire elimination project

Operation instruction for New 3rd Face to Face copy remote control:


1. Clear Code: 

PS: for the button "ABCD" is equivalent to "1234"

Press "1" button (closed button) and "2" button (open button) simultaneously. 2seconds later the LED will flash 3times, then release "2" button and press it for 3times, then LED light will flash, release all the buttons.
Press any buttons, the LED light is off, that mean code is clear successfully. If press any buttons, the light is on, then means the code haven't clear well. Please try again.

2. Copy Code

Take your original remote on left hand, and take our remote on right hand, please try to put two remote keys closed. Press two "Lock button"("1"button) in the same time with your two hands. 2 seconds later the Led light will flash 2times---1 second later will flash 3times---1seconds later the light will be long on.
It means our remote has copied well the code of "Lock button" from original remote.
It is the same operation to copy the code of other 3buttons.


When you delete the code involuntary, you can press "3" and "4" buttons at the same time, then LED light will flash quickly, then release all the buttons, and press any button, the light on, it means the code is recovery.
PS, please ensure to clear well the code of our remote before using it to copy other remote's code.

The following method is checking the code is clear well or not.

When you finish all the clear work, you can press any button, if the LED light is off, then the code is cleared well, if LED light is long on that means the clear work is failed.

Package list:

10PC CM330 remote key for vw b5 Sytle



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