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Frequency Counter High Resolution Counter RF Meter

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Frequency Counter is a perfect tool for frequency counting from low up to 2.4G hz. High Resolution Counter is a Precision Radio Frequency Counter. RF Meter Measuring Range is 0.01Hz - 2.4GHz.

Frequency Counter High Resolution Counter RF Meter

RF Meter is a frequency counter that measures signals over a wide range of 0.01 Hz to 2.4 GHz. Equipped with gate time that is continuously varying from 100ms to 10s and a maximum power consumption of only 5W.

All functions depend on a single CPU. It has a crystal-controlled temperature circuit that provides a constant compensation for temperature change , as a result it reduces the measurement errors typically caused by temperature drift.

Its channel B (CH.B) input provides an attenuator (x1, x20) and an AC/DC coupling for a low-pass filter. This versatile equipment produces high performance stability and function at a low cost without compromising its quality.

With 3 steps function selection: work state, unit & 8-digit LED display

Frequency measurement from 0.01 Hz to 2.4 GHz

Cyclic measuring range from 0.5 ms to 10 s

With attenuation of 20 dB and input impedance of 1 MO

With frequency, period and equal-precision measurement

Quality Management System Conformity with ISO9001:2000

Maximum power consumption is only 5W

Safe to operate

Conforms with European Directive health & safety standards

Precision Radio Frequency Counter Specifications

8 digit LED display

3  step function selections

Channel  B (CH.B) input has an attenuator (x1, x20)

AC/DC  coupling for low-pass filter

All  functions depend on a single CPU

Crystal-controlled  temperature circuit

2  Input Channels : Channel A for 0.01 Hz to 50 MHz ;  Channel B for 50 MHz to 2.4 GHz

Channel A (0.01Hz ~ 50 MHz)

Frequency Range:

DC couple 0.01 Hz to 100 Hz

AC couple 100 Hz to 50 MHz


"AC" 100 Hz ~ 50 MHz ≤ 80m Vrms

"DC" 0.01 Hz ~ 1 Hz ≤ 500m Vp-p , 1 Hz ~ 100 Hz ≤ 80m Vrms

Input impedance: 1 MΩ

Channel B (50 MHz ~ 2.4 GHz)

Frequency Range: 50 MHz ~ 2.4 GHz


50 MHz ~ 1.2 GHz ≤ 80m Vrms

1.2 GHz ~ 2.4 GHz > 80m Vrms

Coupling : AC only

Resolution: Depends on Gate Time Control setting

 Time base

Short time stability: ±3 x 10-9/second

Long time stability: ±2 x 10-8/month

Temperature drift coefficient: ±1 x 10-7, 10°C-40°C

Line voltage variation:  ±1 x 10-7 for line voltage ±10%

Gate time:  Continuously variable from 100ms to 10s

Display: 8-digit, 19 x 12.5mm LED with steps, frequency, period,  kHz/s  and MHz/ms indicators

Precision:  standard time error(t) x frequency(f) ±1d

Power supply: AC 110V & 220V ±10%  with Power Cord (Available for US, UK, AU & EU system

Preheat  time: 20min 


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