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HBR012 Heating Bolt Remover WOYO HBR012 Heater Rust Converter

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HBR012 Heating Bolt Remover is 100% Oringal. WOYO HBR012 Heater Rust Converter Remove Rusty Bolt. WOYO HBR012 is the new item from Nandrepair.

HBR012 Heating Bolt Remover WOYO HBR012 Heater Rust Converter

When repairing machinery, you will frequently find that some bolts are exceptionally difficult to remove.The traditional solution to this problem has been to apply a flame to the bolt, which will loosen it, but this method is both dangerous and time consuming.With today’s, inefficient parts remove can seriously erode your profit.The sooner vehicles can be repairs begun, the sooner you start making money.

WOYO HBR012 is a flameless tool that can quickly and easily loosen rusted-on bolts.

1.The Heat Induction technology used is flameless, safe, and environmentally friendly. It greatly reduces the risk of accidents and potential damages.
2.Works in thirty seconds without damaging either the bolt or the surrounding equipment.
3.Easy to use, can be mastered in only three minutes!
4.Comes equipped with an LED light, for use in tight spaces.
5.Choose from multiple coils, each suited to different type bolts.
6.The size of two books, it’ll save you space and capital investment compared to flame-based tools.
7.WOYO HBR012 is not limited to use on cars, farm equipment, boats and tanks, it is well suited to any machine repair job!

Heating bolt remover operational considerations

1. To prolong your heating inductor, leaving an 10mm air gap between the coil and the work piece is recommended as the insulation of the coil will eventually burn through if head directly to hot material

2. Choose the appropriately sized coil to give the closest fit to the work piece.

3. Insert both ends of the coil into the coil location socket and tighten the thumb screws securely.

4. Activate the power swithch to run the heating inductor for 1-3 minutes until enough heat has been applied to the work piece to break the rust/corrosion bond.

5. release the power swith to turn off the power.

7. Turn unit off and allow the unit and all attachments to cool for at least 10 minutes, Handing the unit or parts before they have cooled may result in injury.

8. Make sure the unit is turned off and unplugges, After cool enough, use a dry, clean, non-abrasive cloth or pater towel to remove grease, Oil, and other dirt from the heating inductor and electrical lead before returning them to the storage case, storage of unit while still hot may resut in damage to equipment or pose a fire hazard.

Packing List:

HBR Main*1
Flexible Soft Coil*1(1m)
18mm coil(diameter of bore)*1
22mm coil(diameter of bore)*1
28mm coil(diameter of bore)*1
(18 22 28mm Coil Length 20CM)
HBR012 ADD:Battery Clamp Connector*1(3M)
Package size:44X34X11cm      Package weight:2.7Kg

Model  Input           input            Output      OutPut         Output
      Voltage            Current         Power      Voltage         Current

HBR012  12-14V               80A     1000W   2V 20-40KHZ     50A

HBR110  110V/60HZ          9A      1000W   2V 20-40KHZ      50A

HBR220  220V 50/60HZ    5A      1000W   2V 20-40KHZ      50A



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