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ICE52F 8051 MCU Emulator SOFI EMULATER ICE52F 51 Emulator

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ICE52F 8051 MCU Emulator support ISP/firmware upgrades. SOFI EMULATER ICE52F 51 Emulator Support software reset.  SOFI EMULATER ICE52F Professional 51 emulator can support 51 series and AVR MCU ISP download program.

ICE52F 8051 MCU Emulator SOFI EMULATER ICE52F 51 Emulator

SOFI EMULATER ICE52F Professional 51 emulator ( real USB2.0 support ISP/firmware upgrades, free install the driver )

ICE52F Emulator is flying in Shenzhen Shuo Technology Co. ICE52B emulator on the basis of the acclaimed newly developed enhanced USB2.0 interface 51 microcontroller simulator,  simulation does not take up any resources the user can speed single-step, completely true standard 8051 emulation All functions / 8052 MCU, the MCU can be part of the enhanced simulation capabilities. In addition to powerful simulation capabilities, unique ISP download function can support 51 series and AVR MCU ISP download program. ICE52F emulator number of innovative features and technology, level in the same industry leading position in the following products, with extraordinary cost, single-chip product development engineers, teaching colleges, individual learning microcontroller ideal tool.

ICE52F 8051 MCU Emulator Details

Using Keil simulation-driven protocol developed can be the perfect engagement with Keil development environment, and to achieve a true USB2.0 interface communication, without any set operation. Other level below emulator program and the use of the public version of SST simple emulator are using MON51 driven protocol, only use the serial port, some products use a USB to serial chip (though also a USB port communication, but the nature or serial) slow, set the port number and baud rate manual
Support software reset, manual reset hardware.Emulator no internal jumpers, switches, buttons, you can download the code and simulation of continuous operation through emulation driver
Miniature implanted emulation header, close to the user board is inserted, and can freely choose the default internal oscillator or an external target board 1-40M crystal (there is no built-in limitations of only using several fixed crystal) . In addition, compared to the traditional cable connections, with no leads to the address lines and data lines , can effectively reduce the running interference, avoid inexplicable failure simulation
Exclusive integrated ISP download function, the first support Keil's Flash Download feature (can be achieved on 51 series chips ISP download programming directly in keil ). As with the independent development of programming control software SFISP, can support AT89S/AVR series microcontroller chip ISP download program. this feature will be in the product development and the learning process to bring you great convenience
Master chip 32-bit ARM chip, supports automatic firmware upgrades
Support 3.3V/5V dual voltage
Host with isolation buffer chip, effectively protect the main chip is not damaged due to abnormal operation
CPU -controlled intelligent sensitivity overload and short circuit protection. In case of accidental short circuit, you can cut off the immediately and flashing LED alarm, the effective protection of the emulator hardware and computer USB port.

ICE52F 8051 MCU Emulator Features

USB2.0 interfaces (real USB interface, non- USB to serial)
download speed, single-step run like a champ, no difference between professional and other emulator HOOKS thousand above the level of simulation speed
does not account for resources, especially not occupied IO port, serial port and timers and other important resources to all ports completely true single-chip emulation features
Support for offline operation, when the dummy head is equivalent to the target board cooked a chip that can run more realistic, but next time the program is still running on last download
Support standard simulation operations, such as full-speed, single-step, step operation, breakpoint setting / disable / cancel, registers and variables view
Support suspend operation ( mortality ) function
emulate dual DPTR, PCA, ALE is disabled, SPI interface, 768 bytes of on-chip RAM and other enhanced extension 51 single resource ;
Up to 63K of code space emulation, support for external 64K RAM expansion simulation
Using Flash cycle technology, users need not worry about the problem of Flash falling burned
compact plastic housing (dimensions 102x71x23mm), use very convenient to carry.

SP supported devices list

AT89S51 AT89S52 AT89S53 AT89S8252
ATmega8515 ATmega8515
ATmega88V ATmega88P

Product Package:

ICE52F emulator host
POD52 head of a simulation
10Pin ISP / ICE connection line
USB cable a
Software CD-ROM
Spare simulation gilded head pin 2
Certificate and a warranty card



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