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IFIX RT300 LED Lamp LCD TV Backlight Tester RT300M Light Bulb Lamp Tester

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IFIX RT300 is an new architecture LED Lamp LCD TV Backlight Tester. it can polarity automatic identification 90W 0-300V 1-300MA. RT300M Light Bulb Lamp Tester For LCD TV maintenance.

IFIX RT300 LED Lamp LCD TV Backlight Tester RT300M Light Bulb Lamp Tester

IFIX RT300M Description:

RT300M can identify most of the light beads, light bars, entire backlight, but there to many heterogeneous light beads on market, ifix team try their best to collect different types of light beads as far as possible, but can't guarantee that all the LED can be identified.

When it can't be identified automatically, please swith to manual mode for measurement.

When it swithches from manual mode back to auto mode, please enter the setting state to AUO or Pull out the AC plug of tester for outage, and then plug in after the internal capacitor discharge.

Due to the large power output, RT300M is equipped with a 256-level dimmer inside, As the current increases, the lED brightness gradually increases, please protct your eyes when measuring, and do not look directly into LED.

When RT300M is baking machine at 300MA, it would drop to 150Ma in 90 seconds, supporting the long time baking machine, Ifix test roasting machine with 200V backlight, last for 10 hours without pressure, but after all it is still a testing tool, please don't bake for too long.

NO-Professional, Do Not use.

These are the measured parameter of iFix team's collection of about 60 different kinds of light beads, from the above form, the minimum on-load current is 38mA, which in turn is 80mA-117mA-120mA-160mA-200mA-200mA-235mA-280mA-400mA-600nA-710mA.

There are less light beads of 38mA, the light beads of 200mA-400mA are used more widely, also can't see the paremeter when we haven't opening the inside of screen ,most of the front-line maintenance personnels are used to measure directly, whith certain risk.

Since RT300M power has sufficient power, can be used for long time light bar aging and measuring with macimum current of 300mA, but this is only a maintenance method to be used to judge the soft failure of light bards, can't be mastered by all maintenance personnel.

Considering the unified opinions of many maintenance engineers, the security consideration and the measuring effect of actual combat.

automatic mode and manual mode both open the anti-jitter safety measurement model, also is to prevent accidental damage caused by poor contact, it will not enter the measurement condition when keep shaking, the amperemeter always how 0, light are dim.

Support List:

RT300M Packing includes:

1 x LED LCD TV Backlight Tester
2 x Table pen




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