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ISCANCAR Super Vag 3.0 Scan Tool ISCANCAR VAG KM Code Scanner

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Vag 3.0  is super IScancar for VW Audi. ISCANCAR VAG KM Code Scanner support mileage change. X-horse IScancar OBDII EOBD Code Reader support english.

ISCANCAR Super Vag 3.0 Scan Tool ISCANCAR VAG KM Code Scanner

This Item is Stock Out, Xhorse Iscancar MM-007 is fully instead of Super V-a-g 3.0,  MM-007 is more Powerful than this one, Please choose OCT014. After you place an order, we will MM-007 Scanner.

IScancar Language:

Software: V3.0, Hardware: V1.2.0

Update: IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner update via internet for free, no need to send back to the factory to update.

Super VAG IScancar does not need to remove diagnostic socket, no need connect with PC.

IScancar Code Scanner is a handheld diagnostic scanner for almost all VW Audi with protocol KWP1281 (K-line), KWP2000 (K-line) and KWP6000 (CAN). IScancar supports almost all control modules of VW Audi vehicles, and able to maintain dashboard mileage, read immobilizer code and match key.

Notice: IScancar OBD2 Code Reader will not support some dashboard adjust since one car model’s dashboard is different from that of another one. When your find IScancar OBD2 Codes Scanner does not support your car, please you use diagnostic function to read out dashboard number and send us.

IScancar Code Scanner Function:

Read out control unit information
Read fault codes
Clear fault codes
Actuator test
Scan live data
Basic settings
Coding control unit
Match and adjust
Login and authorization

IScancar Codes Scanner support mileage change for the following Dashboard:

IScancar Trouble Codes Scanner is mainly compatible with K-line and CANBUS protocol
VDO (K-line and CANBUS)
Motometer (K-line)
Marelli  (CANBUS)
For Bosch (K-line)

IScancar Codes Scanner Support Read Immobilizer Code for the Following IMMO Type:
Engine control unit
Immobilizer dump

IScancar Codes Scanner support key programming for the following control unit:

Immobilizer control unit
Dashboard control unit
Kessy control unit

IScancar Code Reader Car Models Coverage:

Support most dashboard adjust for Chinese For VW. For Jetta dashboard (built-in IMMO system), for all Passat models, for Audi A6, A4, A8, A6L, Q7, Sagitar, for Caddy, for Touran, Polo, Polo jinqing, Polo AccFast, Bora( including multi-functional dashboard), for Golf, for Skoda, Magotan, Sagitar, A6L, new Bora.

IScancar Code Scanner Test and diagnosis:

IScancar Codes Scanner have some test function of VAG1552 and add some function of VAS5051. IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner support diagnosis for Audi, for Bora, for Jetta after 2005 year, for Passat, for Santana, for Polo, for Golf and more, it cover Engine, automatic transmission, SRS, airbags and dashboard. It supports read computer version number, read and clear trouble codes.

Read Immo Code:

IScancar Codes Scanner support reading immobilizer code for Volkswagen, for Audi, for Skoda and for Seat from engine control unit, immobilizer dump and dashboard by OBD2 diagnostic interface, no need to remove immobilizer dump and dashboard, no need to remove and weld chip. It supports automatically recognize the following immobilizer system including: IMMO1, IMMO2, IMMO3, IMMO4 and WFS.  IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner support car models: for all Passat models,  for Jetta, for Santana, for Audi A6, A4, A8, Sagitar, Caddy, Touran, all Polo models, all Bora models (including new Bora), for Golf and Skoda.

Key Matching:

Directly match key for most VW, get away from complicated operating procedures!

Workable models:

CDC32XX (after 2007)
NEC+24C32 (after 2008)
NEC+24C64 (after 2009)
NEC+24C64 (after 2013)

For Passat B7 color screen dashboard

For Motorola MM7
Lavida 1.6,2.0
For Audi A1
For Audi A3 and TT and R8(CAN)
For Audi A4 2000-2008 (K)
For Audi A4L, Q5, A5(after 2008)
For Audi A6, Q7 (after 2008)
For Audi A8 (2003-2011)
A4 B5 with BC-1997(K)
A4 B5 WIOUT BC-1997(K)
A8 -10.1996(K)A8 11.1996-(K)
A6 B45 -1997(K)
For Marelli -1 Shadow (K)
For Marelli -2 (Passat)(K)
For Marelli -3 (TT) (K)
For Marelli -For Audi M73 V1 (K)
For Golf 4 For Bosch RBx (K)
VDO66 and 86 Motometer

Support the following new model dashboard adjustment

2006-2013   Sagitar
2006-2013   Bora
2006-2013   Polo
2006-2013   Lavida (1.4,1.6,2.0)
2006-2013   for new Passast (color
2006-2013   Magotan
2006-2013   CC
2007-2013   Tiguan
2006-2013   Touran
2000-2008   A4
2008-2013   A4l, Q5, A5
2008-2013   A6l, Q7
2006-2013   Octavia
2006-2013   Hao Rui
2006-2013   Fabia


1pc x IScancar Code Reader



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