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KaiDa JINGJI MINI Vertical Key Cutting Machine With Calibration System

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KaiDa JINGJI MINI Vertical Key Cutting Machine that cut keys precisely with a calibration system. JINGJI MINI Vertical Key Cutting Machine Refined Version.

KaiDa JINGJI MINI Vertical Key Cutting Machine With Calibration System

JINGJI MINI Vertical Key Cutting Machine Features:

1. Callibration system indicated by LED light makes precisely cutting
2. X axis movement locking mechanism makes Y axis cutting stable, Z axis cutting depth locking mechanism makes accurate result
3. Additional adaptors for VAG and for Benz makes cutting more easily
4. Cutter speed regulated to 12000rpm, cutting error limited within 0.02mm
5. Additioned with Japan Dai Jie cutter, the blade is sharp and durable, result in smooth grooves
6. Straight line slide carriage makes cutting smooth and effortless

1. X,Y axis slide handle
2. Power socket AC110V/ 220V
3. Calibration button
4. Motor switch
5. Power switch
6. Clamp to secure key blank
7. Cutting depth locking handle
8. Dimple key activate lockring
9. Tracer depths adjustment knob
10. Calibration light
11. Tracer insert axis
12. LED light
13. Clamp to secure original key
14. Cutter insert axis
15. X axis movement locking bar

JINGJI MINI  Machine Parameters:

Product name: JingJi MINI vertical key cutting machine
Dimensions: L200MM*W200MM*H280MM
weight :G.W 10KG (N.W8.9KG)
Working method: Manual
Error scope: ≤0.02mm
Callibration :LED indicating light
Keys: Dimple and laser keys
Jaw: Standard jaw,additoned with VAG/Benz adaptor
Carriage: Straight line slide carriage
Material: Aluminum alloyed casting
Revolution: 1200rpm/min
Power: 80W 50-60HZ
Voice: 78.5

Machine Accessories List:

1pc x  JINGJI MINI Vertical Key Cutting Machine
1pc x  2.6mm Tracer
1pc x  3.1mm Tracer
1pc x  95" Tracer
1pc x  1.55mm Tracer
1pc x  95 degree Tip Tracer
1pc x  2.5MM Cuter
1pc x  1.5MM Cuter
1pc x  3.0MM Cuter
1pc x  Wedge to adjust key by tip
1pc x  VAG Adaptor
1pc x  Benz Adaptor
1pc x  M2.5 Allen key
1pc x  Brush
1pc x  12V Power
1pc x  Behicle applied power cable



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