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Kaida L2 Milling Key Cutter JingJi L2 Dimple Laser Key Cutting

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Kaida L2 Milling Key Cutter with 12 Shining Points. JingJi L2 Dimple Laser Key Cutting Suitable for civil key type milling slot, Car vertical milling slot key.

Kaida L2 Milling Key Cutter JingJi L2 Dimple Laser Key Cutting

Ideal for dimple and laser keys, removable jaw, cutter speed regulated to 8000rpm, LED callibration system, spring loaded tracer point, micrometric adjustment tracer system, cutting depth locking mechanism, armrest support design

Kaida L2 Milling Key Cutter Information:

Suitable for civil key type milling slot, Car vertical milling slot key, its high technology content, the knife and guide needle adopts double led leveling light to ensuire the scientificness and accuracy. the spindle and the guide pin can be fine-tuned, the push bar to set up the average speed support armrest; Z, Y axis movement using linear bearing structure are all the continuation of the design of the advantages of L1; Its performance and desigh features are far more than any domestic brand manual milling machine, six-year long warranty for every user caring service!

JingJi L2  Key Cutting Machine Features

1. Callibrtion system indicated by LED light makes cutt ing precise
2. Long-lasting motor makes cutting speed maximum to 8000rpm
3. Removable jaw guarantees quick replacement
4. Two grooves clamp for different key duplicating purpose
5. Automatical precised callibration system
6. Horizontal movement locking mechanism makes vertical cutting stable
7. Cutting depth locking mechanism makes accurate result
8. Spring loaded tracer point makes perfect depth alignment
9. Micrometric adjustment tracer system limits the cutting difference within 0.03mm
10. Armrest support makes the cutting forward stable and smooth
11. Large storage area for key blanks or other accessories

1. Clamp to secure the original key
2. Cutter insert axis
3. Armrest support
4. Clamp to sec ure k ey bl ank
5. X,Y axis s lide handle
6. Jaw secure/remove bar
7. Tracer grip lock ring
8. Tracer depths adjustment knob
9. Cutting depth locking handle
10. Tracer insert axis
11. X axis movement locking bar
12. Cuttings peed control knob
13. Calibration button
14. Power socket AC11 0V/ 220 V
15. Main power switch
16. Power cable
17. Tracer and cutter

JINGJI L2 Milling Key cutter Parameters:


JINGJI L2 Machine Accessories List:



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