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Lancol MICRO-1200s Auto Leakage Current Clamp Meter MICRO-1200 DC/AC Clamp Leaker

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Lancol Micro-1200s Auto clamp leakage current meter is also called the auto leakage current clamp meter, auto dark current clamp meter, auto charging current tester. MICRO-1200 DC/AC Clamp Leaker was designed manufacturing for measuring automobile dark current, leakage current.

Lancol MICRO-1200s Auto Leakage Current Clamp Meter MICRO-1200 DC/AC Clamp Leaker

Lancol MICRO-1200s DC/AC Clamp Leaker Function

Using the latest CT and digital integration technology, non-contact measurement,No need to disconnect the line
Fast, safe and reliable,small size, high precision, anti-interference ability, automatic shift
It can be used for detecting the current leakage rapidly, such as harness breakage leakage, electrical escape, line grounding and other faults, measuring motor starting current, generator charging current and so on.
Widely used in vehicle maintenance, automobile factory inspection, auto parts production testing, telecommunications room current detection, power maintenance, weather, oil field testing.

MICRO-1200 AC/DC Low Current Clamp Meter Specification

LANSL MICRO-1200s Car Battery Current Clamp Operation instruction

1. Press POWER key to turn on the leakage current tester, then press ZERO keyto clear the value to zero,until the number become 0±3mA.To be noted,every measurement, need to zero.

2.set the tester clamp head in the car battery positive or negative line, turn off the car keys and all electrical equipment.

3.If the test shows a quiescent current greater than 100mA, then there is leakage.

4.After the general automobile flameout, the quiescent current of Asian car will remain at 30-40mA; European cars will remain at 80-90mA, depending on the number of electrical appliances on the car, the more high-end cars, the greater the quiescent current.Generally, the more high-grade cars, the greater the static current.

5.if you find the quiescent current is too large, then you can open the fuse box, unplug the fuse one by one. When you find pull a fuse out, the leakage current dropped evidently, that show the corresponding electrical appliances are abnormal.

6.Check and repair the abnormal electrical appliances, check the quiescent current again

MICRO-1200s Car Battery Current Clamp Package list

1pc clamp leakage current meter
1pc carry bag


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