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LED LCD Screen Tester Tool LVDS Panel Test For Computer TV Repair

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LVDS Panel Test can check whether the screen is good, For color, Spot , Crash or some other problems. LED LCD Screen Tester Tool Built-in 59 Kinds Of Program, it is Suitable for LED LCD screen factories and technicians.Can test almost all LCD screen with LVDS interface(laptop,computer or TV) from 7 inch to 65 inch.

LVDS Panel Test Tool LCD / LED Screen Tester Built-in 59 Kinds Of Program English Instruction

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This is a LCD screen test tool with English and Chinese instruments on the surface, no need for you to worry about how to use it.

LVDS Panel Test Feature:

1.Suitable for LED LCD screen factories and technicians.Can test almost all LCD screen with LVDS interface(laptop,computer or TV) from 7 inch to 65 inch.

2.With 12V adaptor,fully support for 12V large LCD screen .

3.Short circuit protection with 53 kinds of built-in programms,fully support for different sizes of LCD screens.

Built-in constant current output with protective alarm for short circuit.

4.Convenient and easy to use with digital display and English instructions on the tester tool.

5 highlights of this tester tool:

1. The LED LCD screen tester tool is particularly applicable to technicians who repair computer and TV. With built-in 77 kinds of programms , this LVDS panel screen tester can test almost all LED LCD screens with LVDS interface. If you don't know which programm is suitable for your screen,please know the resolution first .

2.Any case won't lead to burning mainboard and screen with strongly short-circuited protection function. It will only alarm and buzzer sounds.Then you need to find the reason and correct it.

3.With 12v power supply,this LED LCD screen tester tool can test 14 different colors of images without computer test, which is enough to find out LCD screen problems.

4.Convenient and easy to use with clear English and Chinese instrument on the LED LCD screen tester surface. You can operate this LED LCD screen tester step by step according to the instruments.No need to worry about operating issues.

5.Small size with dedicated design,specially suitable for on-door appliance repair.

Instructions :

1. Power on with DC jack power of 12v voltage.

2. Choose the right resolution with the help of +/-press, and enter ENTER press for confirming. The tester will record the latest using resolution and screen parameters automaticly on the base of enter ENTER press for confirming.

3. Choose the right voltage for screen,Generally,3V is for laptop screens, and 5V is for TV/Industrial screens. Then connect well the cable on the tester and connect well the backlight line. Then connect the tester to the screen.

4. A pure color limiting surface testing: Here comes to the pure color limiting surface testing after powering on the tester. Press +/-to transfer one color to another color. The middle area displaying the RGB color lump could test the screen if color cast or not. You could press ENTER press again and again, so that the color lump will transfer between showing and disappear.

B VGA signal testing: Connect the tester and computer VGA Cable, and power on. Then comes to the picture of computer VGA.

5. When testing another screen with the same resolution. It will be ok that just power off the tester. After changing the screen, power on directly, then begin testing. If need to change to another resolution. You will have to power off the 12v DC jack power, then start to test from the first step.

6. If happens to alarming, that means short-out. Please power of the tester ,and have a check if using the right cable, or shorten-out between the screen and the cable. Power on for testing again after checking out. Besides, itll be alarming if didnt power of the tester when changing a screen to another. The alarming means you are using the tester in a none standardized way. itll be out of alarming by powering off it. Itll be ok for testing when power on again.

Package Included:

1PC X Screen Tester
English Instructions on the back



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