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LEISTO T15-11 360W Soldering Station High Power Welding Station

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LEISTO T15-11 is an high quality soldering Iron with temperature control system. T15-11 High Power Welding Station Suitable for welding process of large-area heat-dissipating original parts such as solar panels, multilayer circuit boards, and shields

LEISTO T15-11 360W Soldering Station High Power Welding Station

LEISTO T15-11 Soldering Station Features:

1. Continuous welding quality assurance

The intelligent temperature control system developed for solder robot applications detects very small temperature changes at the tip of the tip, allowing for precise temperature control during soldering, ensuring temperature overshoot and ensuring solder quality in repetitive production.

2. 360W peak power

The patented heating system has strong heating performance, heating performance is several times higher than traditional products, and the regenerative performance is greatly improved, which not only facilitates the welding of large heat-absorbing substrates but also shortens the welding time, and is suitable for long-time and heavy-duty welding work.

3. Adaptive temperature calibration

The temperature control system eliminates the need for manual temperature calibration during use, greatly simplifying operation and improving work efficiency.

4. Tip replacement quickly

The card slot type plug-in design eliminates the positional deviation caused by the replacement of the soldering iron tip, and the repetitive tip replacement is simple and quick.

5. External connection

It has a communication interface, which can be connected to other equipments of the pipeline to realize connection. The operating status and temperature can be outputted externally, and the operating status of the equipment is monitored once.

6. A variety of soldering iron tips are available



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