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LGA60 Programmer Adapter For UP818P UP828P LGA60P IC Adapter

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  • Manufactured by: UP&UP
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LGA60 Programmer Adapter is special for UP-818P UP-828P Programmer. LGA60P IC Adapter pitch is 0.5mm. LGA60P Flash memory chip adapter for backberry device, android phones and iphone.

LGA60 Programmer Adapter For UP818P UP828P LGA60P IC Adapter

Pitch: 0.5MM

Support Programmer: Sedum UP-828P UP-818P Serial Programmer

Chip List:

Almost MOVINAND/INAND/NAND/EMMC memory found on newer smart phones and tablets

Application Flash Memeory:

BlackBerry device, android phones, phone 4S 5 5C 5S 6 plus iphxne 6, some newer smart phones and tablests, almost MOVINAND/INAND/NAND/EMMC Flash memory chip.

LGA60P is popular and extensive used at iphoxe, Ipxd as a data storage, it is a non-controller Flash chip, How to read and test it once we remove it from the broken iphxne for data recovery, or how to check it if it is in good condition? some information store in the LGA60 is important, we need to read it for data recovery.


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