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LW-K3010D Adjustable Switching Regulator LW 3010D DC Power Supply 30V 10A

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LW-K3010D Adjustable Digital DC Power Supply is 110V/220V 0-30V 0-10A. LW 3010D DC Power Supply is for For laptop phone repair. Switching DC Power Supply is Mini Adjustable Digital Machine.

LW-K3010D Adjustable Switching Regulator LW 3010D DC Power Supply 30V 10A

LW-K3010D Overview:

The power supply uses advanced technology PWM + linear regulator, voltage, current can be continuously adjustable from 0 - Rating obtain Ultra-low ripple. High-precision reference voltage source, rational circuit design, the ability to provide highly accurate output. High-power MOS devices Application, to ensure adequate power supply, improve the long-term stability of the power at full load work. Perfect protection function, in order to protect the load And the power supply are not damaged. Simple operation, and a plurality of power supply can be directly connected in series, parallel, expanded power Range of applications.

LW 3010D DC Power Supply Features:

1. High-precision LED digital display, intuitive and clear.

2. 8 cm smart fan, excellent heat dissipation, effectively extend fan life and reduce noise.

3. The use of advanced technology to effectively reduce the weight of the power and convenience of mobile power.

4. A variety of protection, current limiting protection (OCP), over temperature protection (OTP), Over Power Protection (OPP).

5. plastic panels, more beautiful, voltage, current, coarse and fine adjustment knob to set the settings to be more precise.

LW-K3010D Application areas:

Car DVD, Car Audio.
Aging products, such as resistors, capacitors, relays, DC motors, LED and the like.
Laboratory, factory, repair power supply.
Other DC power supply all the needs of the occasion.

Technical parameters:

1. Input voltage: 220V ± 10% @ 50Hz ± 5Hz
                       110V ± 10% @ 60Hz ± 5Hz
                       Switch or a single voltage input
2. Output voltage: DC 0- Ratings V (see Table I)
3. Output Current: DC 0- rated A (see Table I)
4. Display Accuracy:
   ± 1% ± 1 word (three / three and a half digital display, voltage resolution 0.1V, current resolution 0.1A)
   ± 0.1% ± 1 word (four / four semi-digital display, voltage resolution 0.01V, current resolution 0.01A)
5. boot delay: 1-2S Shutdown Delay: 1-6S (depending on the load)
6. Voltage Stability: ≤0.05% + 1mV
7. The current stability: ≤0.1% + 10mA
8. Load stability: CV≤0.05% + 1mV
                          CC≤0.05% + 10mA
9. Ripple and Noise: CV≤10mV
                          CC≤20mA (RMS)
10. Overall efficiency: ≥80% (under full load test)
11. Working environment: -10  - + 40  Relative humidity 20% -80% (non-condensing)
12. Storage Environment: -20  - + 80  Relative humidity 20% -70% (non-condensing)
13. Pressure test: Input - Output: 1.5KVAC / 1 Minute
                        Input - Housing: 1.5KVAC / 1 Minute
                        Output - Housing: 500VAC / 1 Minute
14. Ground Resistance: <20mΩ

Package includeds :

1 x 110V/220V Adjustable Digital DC Power Supply Host
1 x Power Supply
1 x User Manual


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