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MCT-500 Motorcycle Scan Tool MCT500 Motorcycle Diagnsotic Tool

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MCT-500 Motorcycle Scan Tool Support K-line and CANBUS protocols. MCT500 Motorcycle Diagnsotic Tool Support Multi-Brand Motorcycles. MCT-500 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool Replacement MCT200.

MCT-500 Motorcycle Scan Tool MCT500 Motorcycle Diagnsotic Tool

Software Version: V2.5

Languages: English. Chinese. Vietnamesa and Indonesian

MCT500 Description:

Support Multi-Brand Motorcycles, hand-held device, operation easy.
Contain all kinds connect cable for different Motorcycle model.
Support both CAN and K-Line protocols.

MCT500 Features:

Retrieve ECU information
Display live data stream
Read fault codes
Clear fault codes
Component test
Special Function,such as: oil reset, ISC reset, CO adjustment etc
Support view waveforms and the numerical curve changes in data steam.
MCT-500 Motocycle Scanner Support protocol:K-line and CANBUS protocols.

MCT-500 Support Function

(1) ECU information
(2) Dynamic Data
(3) Read fault code
(4) Clear fault code
(5) Component Test
(6) Special function, such: Accelerator reset, ISC reset, CO volume adjust etc

In the dynamic data, you can check waveform, about the change of numerical curve.

MCT-500 Motocycle Scanner Update:

1. Update procedure is easy.

Connect the USB cable with PC, select "USB storage" option, the PC will detect the device as new flash disk.
Copy the update tool files to the disk, follow the tips to finish updating procedure. ( If your TF card can not be reset, please follow the tips to disconnect and connect power, then finish the updating procedure)

2. Device can be used as a USB flash disk

When connect USB cable with PC and select "USB storage" option,  the device can be used a USB flash disk which can save files based on your needs. Disable the flash disk on PC when finish using. The scanner will back to Main Menu automatically.Replace TF card and battery
If the TF card is damaged or the battery is low, open the device back cover to replace.  Make sure the scanner is power off before replacing.

Note: MCT-500 Motorcycle scanner's TF card is FAT32 format. Please pay attention when formatting SD card. Otherwise the scanner will not work properly.

MCT 500 motor diagnostic tool Package: 

1PC x MCT-500 Main Unit
1PC x Main Test Cable
1PC x S-YM cable    
1PC x KY-MCO cable
1PC x SU-ZUKI-4PIN diagnostic cable
1PC x SU-ZUKI-6PIN diagnostic cable
1PC x P-GO diagnostic cable     
1PC x YA-MAHA diagnostic cable
1PC x Battery Clamp
1PC x USB cable
1PC x HART-FOR-D diagnostic cable
1PC x AE-ON-1diagnostic cable
1PC x HON-DA diagnostic cable
1PC x PIAG-GIO/VE-SPA diagnostic cable
1PC x KA-WASAKI-4PIN cable
1PC x KA-WASAKI-4P/6PIN cable
1PC x TF Card (Standard Configuration 8G, Brand Sent randomly)



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