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MST-80 Auto Voltage Regulator MST80 Car Battery Charger

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MST-80 Automatic Voltage Regulator is the latest version of MST-70. MST80 Car Battery Charger is a useful tool for doing ecu coding. Master MST-80 For ICOM Programming.

MST-80 Auto Voltage Regulator MST80 Car Battery Charger

MST-80 Auto Voltage Regulator Diagnsotic Tool for GT1/OPS/ICOM Programming

Master MST-80  Description:

1. When for B-MW programming will use almost 3 hours or more, MST-80 with a Battery Charger And Stability Voltage Equipment to keep stable voltage, it is helpful for b-mw car

2. MST-80 with cost-effective and high quality power protection for many applications and prevents equipment damage from voltage fluctuations and transient surge.It will take too long time to do vehicle ECU programming, the battery voltage usually is lower or higher than standard values due to electricity instability which might result sudden disruption during programming and cause damage to Vehicle ECU.

3. MST-80 is birthed from our customers’ needs for safe vehicle ECU programming for B-MW, for B-ENZ and other brands of vehicles. By adopting industrial standard, frequency transformer switching power supply and intelligent power charge technologies, Not only it can be used for vehicle ECU programming, but also can be used for many other types of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System) equipments. It regulates the output voltage and current with over-charge and over-heat protection and current adjustment.  It can prolong the lifespan of the battery drastically and enables battery charge to the full automatically if it’s used for battery charge.

Master MST-80 Features:

1. Regulates output voltage and current.
2. Can be used unattended and fully automatically
3. Enables automatic and safe vehicle ECU programming.
4. Prolongs battery lifespan and Enables battery being charged to the full if it’s used for battery charge.
5. Protects from over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature with voltage and current number reading indicators on the equipment and over-temperature indicator.

Master MST-80 Range of application:

1. Cars:regulate battery voltage during programming for B-ENZ & for B-MW etc. premium cars
2. Electromotor bike
3. Electrics screen
4. SPC exchange
5. Broadcast transmitter
6. Communication work station
7. UPS
8. Battery and Power supply system

MST80 Vattery Charger Main parameters:

1. input voltage: AC220V±15%, or AC110V±15%
2. Max. output voltage: 14V
3. Max. output current: 100A



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