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Multi-Function Limited Torque Screwdriver Disassembly bolt Driver

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Limited Torque Screwdriver is special for Apple Samsung Xiaomi Huawei OPPO VIVO and other mobile phone disassembly. Phone Repair Disassembly bolt Driver is Ultra long life. it come with user manual.

Multi-Function Limited Torque Screwdriver Disassembly Bolt Driver

Screwdrivers are an indispensable tool in people's daily life and maintenance work. At present, the screwdriver is often used by manual twisting. Due to the difference in user experience, the manual rotation force is not well mastered. If you are not careful, you may use excessive force, causing damage to the screws, the bit or the motherboard, especially to the mobile phone. Small and fine electronic products such as motherboards or small circuit boards, the strength control is not good, and the excessive force is easy to cause damage to the equipment, and the scrap rate is increased during operation, thereby increasing the cost. In addition, the screwdriver bit itself will be worn out due to excessive force.

This limited torque screwdriver protection screw column does not hurt the screw force even hand force torque one

A different from the traditional screwdriver, giving you a different experience

Basically meet the popular For Apple Samsung Xiaomi Huawei OPPO VIVO and other mobile phone disassembly.

Package List:

1X Screwdriver handle

9X Screwdriver bit


1PC Hex T1 Hexagon
1PC T2 Cross
1PC 1.2 Cross
1PC 1.5 Cross
1PC 2.0 Cross
1PC 0.6Y Triangle
1PC 0.8 Pentagonal Medium Plate
1PC 2.5 Big Cross
1PC Hexagon 2.5



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