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Nand Flash Icloud Unlock Tool For Air ipad air2 Ipad 5 6 Unlocking Test Fixture

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It Applicable for Apple Air ipad air2 unlocking tool ipad 5 6 Non-removal hard drive unlocking tool, Ipad5 ipad6 Unlocking Adapter support free software is an Unlock test Jig.

Nand Flash Icloud Unlock Tool For Air ipad air2 Ipad 5 6 Unlocking Test Fixture

Ipad 5 6 Air 1 2 lcloud unlock adapter generation  SN+ WIFI+ BT automaticly, It can fix Ipad Activation error.


Read/Write Nand flash on ipad air/air2
Change serial number(SN) on ipad air/air 2 without soldering
Change model on ipad air/air2 without soldering
Change area on ipad air/air2 without soldering
Change color on ipad air/air2 without soldering
Generate new SN without soldering, you can Generate new correct sn, wifi/bt MAC using this tool for free. just need to check if it unlocked or not, using any online service you like.

 you can Generate SN, wifi MAC and bt MAC with this program, then check generated SN on any online checker you perfer( if it locked with icloud or not. if locked you should generate another SN with the program and check it. when you generate not locked you can use it to brush to ipad using programmer.

Compatible nand flash brands:


Note: This is a professional repair phone tools, so profession skills and knowledage are needed for use.

Support hard disk model:

Ipad air/air2 Toshiba-16G
Ipad air/air2 Skhynix-16G
Ipad air/air2 Sandisk-16G

Ipad air/air2 Toshiba(wthout 8B4 32G)
Ipad air/air2 Skhynix-32G
Ipad air/air2 Sandisk-32G

Ipad air/air2 SDMILBDF4_064G-64G
Ipad air/air2 STHGBX4T0T8KLF0E-64G
Ipad air/air2 H2JTFG8VD3MBR-64G

Ipad air/air2 SDMILBCFB_128G-128G
Ipad air/air2 H2JT1T8QD1MMR-128G
Ipad air/air2 THGBX2T0BBJLA03-128G

Not support the model of hard disk type

Ipad 5/6 SDMILBCF4
Ipad 5/6 H2JTFG8PD1MMR
Ipad 5/6 8B4
For ipad 5/6 TOSHIBA 32G THGBX2G8B4JLA01
For ipad 5/6 Toshiba 64G THGBX4G9T4KLF0C
For SanDisk 64G SDMILBCF4
iPad 5/6 SDMILBCF4
iPad 5/6 H2JTFG8PD1MMR

User Manual:

1: Choose install 32-bit or 64-bit driver on your computer.

2: Use the provided usb cable to connect the Machines to the computer

3:  After the instrument driver is automatically installed, you can open the software: Shencheng Electronic IPAD_5_6.exe

4: Select ipadAir (ipad5) or ipadAir2 (ipad6) according to ipad model

5: Remove the glue from the bottom of the main board and put the main board into the device

6: Click the hard disk test If the communication is normal, the software windows will display the HDD model information

7: Click to read the information, This is the original serial number of the main board, regional information

8: Click to generate, you can generate a new serial number and other information with One-click generation. After you have determined that there is no ID through the query, you can use Update All to complete the operation. The process takes about 15 seconds! .


1: If the generated serial number had ID, you can continue to click to generate the next serial number! If you have a normal number, you can copy and paste it into the corresponding window, and click Update All

2: When you Use one-key generation function, you have to connect the machine.

Package List:

Ipad Air2 Unlock Tool

Software download:



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