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26in1 iCorner GTOOLS GB1100 for iPod iPad iPhone Corner Sidewall

by NandRepair Team

26in1 GTOOLS iCorner is a professional opening and straightening tool for the iPad and iPhone. GB1100 iCorner Kit for iPod iPad iPhone 5 5S 6 6Plus 6s. The correction tool is capable of bending iPhone reinstatement savior. Was folded into the first part of the bottom bracket tool fulcrum, then adjust the pressure points for both end positions, after twisting upward adjustment screw to put pressure on both sides of the iPhone.

How to use

  Step 1: Locate the damaged area

        Step 2: Whilst guiding the tool with your thumb, position the iCorner head over the effected area

        Step 3: Begin to rotate the large screw knob in a clockwise direction until the tool is attached to the device

        Step 4: Place the device on a table top and position the iCorner, then slide the GB1100 assistant over the square bridge of the iCorner

       Step 5: Slide the assistant over the large screw knob until locked into position

       Step 6: With your left hand, press and hold the assistant down

       Step 7: With your right hand,begin to rotate the assistant in a clockwise direction

       Step 8: Visually inspect the damaged area whilst turning the assistant until satisfied with the repair

       Step 9: Loosen the large screw knob by rotating it in an anti-cockwise direction and remove the tool


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