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4 Must-needed Tools For Cell Phone Repair In 2018

by NandRepair Team

If you are thinking about replacing the new mobile phone repair equipment, this articles but for help in the snow. update your repair device is a must for every mobile phone maintenance technicians, most of your old repair tools are no longer able to meet the newer phone. New repair tools can help you complete repairs faster and more efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Just check 4 Must-needed Tools For Cell Phone Repair In 2018 from nand repair online store, to help you Better enjoy repairing life.

A. For Ipad 3 Nand Programmer Test Fixture

Ipad 3 Nand Programmer is an no-removal nand ic socket, For ipad3 Test Fixture Use for read / write NAND SN (serial number), Model, region (country), Color, WIFI & Bluetooth. and NAND underlying data.


1. English software, update online

2. Support all versions of Ipxd 3

3. A1416 A1430 A1403 Dual HDD Reading/Writing

B. For Ipad4/Air Ipad5/Air2 Ipad6 Nand Module


1. Support for iPad 4 / 5 iPad Air / 6 iPad Air2.

2. No need remove NAND IC

3. Support JC PRO1000S connection computer platform operation

BTW: we also Provide For ipad 2 3 4 Non-removal Nand Adapter, you can check it PRK057, Choose Model16

C. UNI-T UPO8102S Oscilloscope For Mobile Phone Repair

The oscilloscope is mainly used to detect the voltage and signal waveform of the key points on the main board, which can be delineated. Range, quickly find the point of failure.


1. Support english

2. 100MHz bandwidth, 2 analog channels, 1GS/s real-time sampling rate, multiple waveform parameters.

3. main used for cell phone repair industry

D. LEISTO T12-11 Lead Free Soldering Iron

Come with 220V or 110V two options, you can change the different soldering irons when it is hot-pluggable status, Easy to us


1. English language Display

2. the welding speed is improved, and the production efficiency is improved 30%-50%

3. temperature rise to 350℃ in fast speed, just need "3 seconds"


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