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4 Needed Tools For DIY Mobile Phone Repairs:

by NandRepair Team

Nowadays, Most of people don't know how to survival if without their cell phone all the times, the moible phone play a imporant role in our lifes. in this way, the cell phone repair business become an popular occupation, No matter you are wannt to be working on cell phone repair as your work, or you just need to help others for fixing the dead phone-  DIY Mobile Phone repairs, four Needed Tools for cell phone repair you have to know, with the right tools makes you fix a complicated smart phone more easier.

The professional phone repair tools is an essential parts in your fixing work, it can help you fast to find the source of the problems, without a proper set of phone repair tools you will not be able to open and fix the dead phone. so, we list equipents need For DIY Mobile Phone repairs as follows:

#1 VETUS Stainless Steel Tweezers

VETUS Stainless steel precision Tweezers is special for iphone cpu Disassemble. VETUS IC pliers is 5B-SA, 7-SA, 5-SA, 4-SA, 3C-SA, 2A-SA, 5A-SA, SS-SA, OO-SA, 36A-SA, 35A-SA, 34A-SA Tweezers.

#2 Non-heating LCD Screen Separating/Disassemble Tool


1. screw design to prevent screen from being pull explositon
2. screw fixed button, more firm positioning
3. pull button, you can side up and down
4. imported materal sucker, long life, large suction

#3 QUICK 861DW Hot AIr Rework Station

Almost everyone knows and use QUICK 861DW, with high quality and reasonable price, QUICK 861DW With automatic sleep function, in a dormant state parameters can be set. 

#4 Thermal Imager For Phone PCB Logic Board Troubleshoot

Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer Camera for Mobile Phone PCB Troubleshoot. Phone PCB Fault Diagnostic Instrument is an professional cell phone PCB Fault Circuit Board Diagnostics Repair machine, it is used for the diagnosis on cell phone components temperature to judge if cell phone PCB is short circuit, the Infrared Thermal Image Analyzer can test your cell phone main board, pc main board, multimeter main borad and many other PCB board very fastly and accurately.

Note: The device is a black main unit, not including personal PC (computer), support only Microsoft system (windows).  Easy to use. Connect the device and installing the software, that can be used. When used, the motherboard need connect power

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