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Ambient Light Sensor repair Support iPhone XS/XSMAX Now!

by NandRepair Team

For old Version of JC photosensitive touch/vibration repair module, it only support for iPhone 7/7p/8/8P/X, but from now on, JC D8 support iPhone 7/7p/8/8P/X/XS/XSMAX. JC D8 is the iPhone 7/7p/8/8P/X/XS/XSMAX LCD EEPROM Programmer to repair the ambient light sensor, since iOS11 would disable AUTO brightness function after LCD changed

What's the function of this JC Ambient Light Sensor repair tool?

Reading the LCD code of the original LCD, saving it to D8 or PRO1000S SD card
Writing the saved LCD code to the new LCD.
Modifing LCD code on PRO1000S or PC is available.
JC D8 can work independently, or works on JC PRO1000S, or connected to PC together for easier operation.

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