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Andonstar ADSM201 HDMI 1080P HDMI VGA Microscope User Manual

by NandRepair Team

How to operate Andonstar ADSM201 HDMI Digital Microscope 1080p Soldering? ADSM201 HDMI 1080P Full HD USB Microscope user manual from Nandrepair. If you have any questions about Andonstar ADSM201, Please do contact us free.

Operate Steps

General Mode (without PC& HDMI display)

1. keep press on/off button to turn on the camera(Since the batery can not work for a long time alone, we advice connect the external power supply when you do some operation)

2. Press "Menu" Button to do some set up, Use the up&down to choose. And when you finish that, Press "Menu" again to quit

3. Press "OK" to record your operation, and "OK" to stop it. Duiring that time, you can press "UP" or " Down" to amplify or reduce the view

4. Press "M" Button, which means "Capture picture", to get into capture mode, and press "OK" to capture a picture

5. Press "M" button again to get into "play back mode". Use the "UP" and " Down" button to choose the file you want to check, When you find the file, Press "Menu" Button, you can delete/Protect/slide whow the file. Press "M" button again to quit this mode.

(PS: If the file didn't been "Protect", When the momory card if full, it will be clover by the new files)

HDMI display output mode

1. Connect the microscope with the HDMI Display
2. Reset step just like in  general mode
(PS: at this ode, maximum resolution ratio can reach to 1920*1080)

USB 2.0 Output mode
(We can't guareantee that this device can be used with all PC, So, the usb output model is just An Option)

1. Connect the microscope with the PC
2. On the screen of microscope will show 2 options, PC camera & mass storage, and choose the" PC camera"
3. Open the software, the title will show the storage path.
4. Record a video: Capture->Start capture->Ok->Stop capture
5. The vido will automatic be saved as the path which the title shows/If you want a copy file in case the next time be coverd by other videos, you can click file->save capture video, and change the name of the file.
6. Capture a picture:

   Capture->Still->Folder(choose a storage path)
   Capture->Snap(capture a picture, or you can just press "Enter" on your keyboard)
(PS: at this usb output mode, maximum resolution ratio can only get to 1080*720P)


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