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Auto ECU Programmer IC Pack and Function list:

by NandRepair Team

when your car ecu ic is broken, you have to get a electronics Ic for repair ecu board. as we know, there are many kinds of auto ECU ic's, such as Airbag drive ic, chiptuning IC,  engine power driver IC, ECU flash memory chip, SRS ignitors driver chip,  car lighting drive chip, Car dashboard, car radios drive ic, EDC7、EDC16、EDC17、M154、M797 serial Auto ECU board ic.

if you car have troubles to start, there is a incicator that there may be a problem with the ECU. If you check the car battery, starter and other common electrical components, and the vehicle still does not start, a faulty engine control unit should be the next logical thing to consider.

Today, we will list some of automotive electronic IC, maybe it will help you

TIP127 5A/100V Auto Power Transistor
30620 Auto ECU Power IC
30639 Bosch ECU Drive Chip
30682 Engine Power Drive IC Chip
48023 Automotive Battery IC
30591 Auto Power Driver Chip
30358 M154 Auto ic chip
MC33186DH1 Auto ECU IC
30430 ECU Engine power driver
30606 Engine Power Driver
30529 Bosch Auto IC for 5V power driver module
151007 Auto Ignition Chip
30118 Auto ignition Chip
07096 Auto Ignition Tube Drive IC
D16861GS Auto Ignition IC Drive
5504DM Auto ECU Driver
30057 M798 Car IC
VB325S auto Ignition Coil Driver
74022PC Car Engine Ignition IC
5503 GM Ford ignition tube transistor
FDC5401 5401 DM ECU Driver
8905504848 8905506095 Auto ignition driver Chip
1033SE001 MDC48U01 Auto injection Module drive chip
30382 Auto Fuel injection drive IC
30403 Auto Injection Driver IC
30621 Auto Injector Driver ic
30344 Auto ECU Board IC Chip
30373 Auto Injector Driver
MAR9109 auto ECU injector driver


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