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Best Repair Kit For Ipad, Which is it?

by NandRepair Team

Some customer report to us, they wanna to find some best repair tools for ipad, as you known, there are many kinds of informations on internet, it is really hard to find a good device, when you meet change SN, Model or others on Ipad 2/3/4, which with these functions? which nand can be supported?

Just check today's nandrepair articles, you will get all the answers.

1. IPad 2 3 4 Unlock ICloud Non-removal Adapter

this adapter suppoer Ipad 2/3/4, it is a non-removal Adapter 3-in-1 For NAVIPLUS PRO3000S. can change Serial Number (SN), Model, Area, Color.


support ipad 2 3 4 in pro3000S

no need take off CPU

Can HDD Check, HDD fix, HDD formate

Read/Write CPU

2. Ipad 3 4 ICloud Socket Nand Modul

the sale as IPad 2 3 4 Unlock ICloud Non-removal Adapter, only support ipad 3 and ipad4.

3. Ipad 5 6 Socket ICloud Unlock Adapter

This adapter also no need remove nand, can change underlying data, Read/write Bluetooth wifi address, serial number(SN),Model, Area and Color, support ipad5/air 1 ipad6/air 2 motherboard

often take off Nand from Motherboard, it is very easy broken the compoents, usually we highly recommand Non-Removal Adapter.

Note: it have to work with Naviplus pro3000s

4. Ipad 3 Nand Programmer Test Fixture

This SC Ipad 3 Nand programmer support all version of Ipad3. for ipad3 nand repair, this is the best device for read / write NAND SN (serial number), Model, region (country), Color, WIFI & Bluetooth. and NAND underlying data.

Support model:


5. For Ipad4/Air Ipad5/Air2 Ipad6 Adapter

no need remove Nand IC, Support for iPad 4 / 5 iPad Air / 6 iPad Air2. Work with PRO1000S programmer. Support JC PRO1000S offline APP operation

if you have JC pro1000S, suggestion buy this item

6. For Air ipad air2 Ipad 5 6 Unlocking Test Fixture


Read/Write Nand flash on ipad air/air2
Change serial number(SN) on ipad air/air 2 without soldering
Change model on ipad air/air2 without soldering
Change area on ipad air/air2 without soldering
Change color on ipad air/air2 without soldering
Generate new SN without soldering, you can Generate new correct sn, wifi/bt MAC using this tool for free. just need to check if it unlocked or not, using any online service you like.

 you can Generate SN, wifi MAC and bt MAC with this program, then check generated SN on any online checker you perfer(http://iunlocker.net/check_imei.php) if it locked with icloud or not. if locked you should generate another SN with the program and check it. when you generate not locked you can use it to brush to ipad using programmer.

Compatible nand flash brands:


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