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Classification of Key Milling Cutters

by NandRepair.com

Now on the market a variety of key machines, the quality is good or bad, the price is different, the nature of the key machine used in the milling cutter is also a lot of types. Now will introduce what we used key milling cutter in daily life:

What is Milling Cutter?

Milling Cutters (excluding end mills): Used for a variety of operations from facing styles (squaring and smoothing faces), as well as cutting angles and shapes, as well as grooves and slots.

From the use of purpose: car key machine milling cutter, home key machine milling cutter. Car keys are generally CNC machines, home keys are generally manual. Household furniture locks, door locks, window locks, bicycles and electric cars.

From the material: steel key machine cutter, high speed steel key machine milling cutter, hard alloy key machine cutter, milling cutter, coatings containing nano titanium alloy milling cutter, the whole set, tungsten steel etc..

Purpose: from the horizontal and vertical milling cutter, including horizontal double angle milling cutter, angle cutter, three edge, flat tooth saw blade, with tungsten carbide cutter. Vertical vertical milling cutter, flat drill, guide pin.

One thing to say is: tungsten carbide cutter, wear resistance, but fragile, high speed steel cutter on the contrary, not fragile but also do not wear. Each has advantages and disadvantages, to see the needs of buyers.


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