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Condor XC-009 VS Jingji P2 Key Cutting Machine

by NandRepair Team

Condor XC-009 is an new arrived key cutting machine in 2018. as we know, there is many kinds of key cutting machine on market, as for buyer, it is really hard to choose the right device for your jobs, today, we will compare with Condor XC-009 and Jingji P2 Key Cutting Machine. which is the best for you?

1. Xhorse Condor XC-009 Single-Sided Double-sided Key Cutting Machine

Condor XC-009 Key Cutter Features:

The first horizontal cutting machine

Lighter weight, about ten kilograms, easier to take out

Two configurations with multiple options

Built-in lithium battery lasts longer

Four directions fixture to switch freely

Better design with more beautiful outlook

Excellent material

This is nothing more than the most professional key expert around you

Condor 009 Parameter:

Motor rotation speed: 1800rpm
Clamp space: 95mm
Working temperature: 0-50℃
Humidity: 10-90%
Machine size: 285 x175x180mm
Power: 200W
Power parameter: 12V-18V/3A
Motoe Torque: 1.2 Nm

2. 220V Jingji P2 Double-headed Flat Key Cutting Machine

JINGJI P2  Flat Key Cutting Machine Features:

1. Sheet meta l stamping welding structure is durable and long-lasting
2. Left outer diameter Φ 80 mm 40°V cutter and right outer diameter Φ 80 mm flat cutter
3. Left and right clamps working seperately and move smoothly
4. Micrometric (Patent) tracer adjustment mechanism for p recise calibration with the cutter
5. Four-sided revolving clamp and super wide space between clamps make flip key cutting possible
6. The mobile transparent cutting shield guarantees a flexible safety cutting
7. Y axis ballscrew
8. Wide space between jaws accomodates large head and long blade keys incuding flip style automotive keys
9. Duplicate bit and double bit, pump and other special keys and left block owns the same function as Jingji P1
6. Economical and accuracy combined cutting machine made up with two blocks, with each block working seperatly for different key purpose


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