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DT-1601 Battery Tester For Apple Iphone User Manual

by NandRepair Team

DT-1601 is the best Battery Tester from china market as we know, it is easy to use, more important is convenient to carry, becase DT-1601 Battery Tester use the lightweight design. If you need DT-1601 Battery Tester For Apple Iphone User Manual, you can check as follows:

I. Technical parameter

Test contents: cycle numbers, design capcity, full charge capacity, residual capacity, battery  efficiency, charging quantity, charging current, discharge current, static  electric current, voltage, temperature, serial umber, chipmodel, discrimination between original and fake, modify and reset cycle number;
Languages: chinese and english
Power supply voltage: 5V(DC)
Power supply mode: mobile power, mobile phone charger, built-in 3.7V rechargeable batries(optional);
working environment: -10-40 Degrees
standby power consumption: <1W.

II. Appearance introuduction

1. this product uses a 3.5 inch color display, and displayed parameters are intuitive and clear
2. total six keys on device, Power(red) is serviced as the power button, for the downwared adjust settings which can reduce the value, for the upwared adjustment settings, which can increase the value, for exit and return, press this button then the test interface is shown after parameter is set through button, for manual reset and modify cycle number button;
3. 2pcs of socket holes and 1pc of ubs hole on the left, two testing plate sockets with pins, 1pc of external tesing port of tesing plate can externally contact testing plate, which is convenient and flexible mobile for testing plate;
4. both 2pcs of sockts on the right side are SV power supply port, which of small usb hole can be used for upgrading program in the future.

III. Battery parameters instruction

Now a lot of customers don't know exactly meaning of these parameters, what is good and what is bad, therefore, we make a simple explanation for 13pcs of testing data of instrument

1. the cycle number is charge and discharge times of batter, the greater the value. the longer it an be used.
2. the designed capacity is an inherent nomial capacity of the battery, which is just capacity shown on battery, desigined capacity of different battery is not the same.
3. the full charge capacity is the real capacity of battery( the premise is that cycle tst is done or the battery is used one), the closer this value is for the desigin capacity, the better; in general, full charge capacity of a new battery are higher than design capacity.
Note: this data can be false, for the modified capacity, the capacity can decrease apparently after it charged for 2-3 times, since capacity data written on the protection plate capacity is greater than the real capacity of battery, mobile phone is likely to be turned off when it does not reach 1%
4. the residual capacity is the remaining electric quantity of current battery; if the remainning capacity is is insufficient, please charge timely, customers can make charging and discharging according to their own requirements of shipping
5. battery efficiency is also called the battery life, it is the ratio of full charged capacity and dsigined capacity, the samller the percentage the value is, the closer the product becomes end-of life,
6. charged capacity isthat the remaining capacity is showed in the form of percentagein order to convenient andintuitive
7. charged current is shown wheter the battery can be normally charged or not
8. discharge current is whown wheter current of the battery can be normally output of not; if current is not output, mobile phone cannot be switched on
9. the static current is divided into positive, negative and zero, the static current of good battery is zero, but if static current of some battery show positive value comes as, the battery is charged without sufficiency, which also means that standby time is short, if thestatic current is negative value, the battery will be shut down and the standby time is short whe it is not discharged compltely, in general, we t.hink that the range between -10 to +10 is not problem,
10. As we allknow the parameters of battery voltage, the mobile phone cannot be normally whitched on when voltage is below 3.5V; when the battery is fully charged, low voltage battery is 4.2V and high voltage is 4.35V
11. temperature which is tested normally is room temperature error will be shown after mobile phone is switched on
12. each battery has different serial number, which is the same as ID number, as for the fake battery, it is possible that it has not serial number, of you find that a batch of battery serial number is the same, it is canbe assured that the battery is not original
13.the chip model, battery corresponding mobile phone model, which are used to judge whether it is orginal battery or not; at present, there are three kinds of iphone orginal chip of TI(BQ9SQ)27541/27546' if the test result is not the above 3 kinds of chips, that battery must ba fake, if cusomer feedbacks that 4S is whown when the battery of his/her mobile phone is 5S one, which means wheter your instrument is accurate or not? in face, 5S battery is used which 4S proteection board, It is ot the reason which the instrument is not accurate.

IV. Operating instruction

Device is connected to the sv power supply(mobile phone charge, mobile power supply), if there is a built-in battery, can press dictly power button(power) to make display to be operateed, insert the battery test plate into test board port, and inset the battery into the correspoding test base.

Set the aceptable range of the battery, press the SET/Ok butto, cycle number windown will appear blue backgroud, press up and down buttons to choose parameter you want to set, press the SET/Ok, font will become yellow, press up and down arrow to adjust, press the SET/Ok to save the settings after adjustment is completed well; press to exit setting after saving is completed well; if complete withdrawal is needed, press 2 times, using the follwing specific dsgram to illustrate the mothod of modifying and setting cycle number

 Press the SET/Ok button, font will charge from green to yellow, press up and down arrow to adjust the numerical value, press again SET/Ok to save.

   After lower limit is set with the same method, press for 2 times, then exit, the same methods for changing upper limit and lower limit settings, put in battery, and press zero, cycle number will be modified to the set value, if you want to reset, change the upper limit and the lower limit into 0. biggest characteristics of the instrument is cycle numbr can be modifiedrandomly, open automatic changing setting, change setting of upper limit into 20. change setting of lower limit into 0. put in battery, cycle numer will be changed into the range between 0-20; cycle number will be randomly changed when on pc of battry is put in, there are upper limit and judgment in set menu, alarm will accur and font will be change into red when cycle number is over upper limit value on the conditions that the judgment is open, alarm sound can be closed and open inthe language menu.

   Introduce charge and discharge test now: charging of the instrument is open, and discharge of it is close, put in battery, the instrument will activate and charge the battery; charging of the instrument is close, and discharge of it is open, the instrument will discharge the battery; when both of charging and discharging of the instrument are open, the instrumnt will charge battery for a few seconds then dischrge battery for a few second so that the data of charge and discharge can be captured.

V. Accessories

Host 1pc
Testing base 2pc
Usb wire 1pcs
Charge battery

IF you want to get more Iphone Battery Tester's informations, please do follow with us, We will share more news about this.




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