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Easycoding ENET Cable Software Download and Installation

by NandRepair Team

As We Know, For BMW Easycoding ENET Cable come with one USB Dongle, do you know how to install the usb driver of For BMW Easy coding Scanner?  NandRepair share EASYCODING Software download and installation, Sincerely hope it can help you.

Easycoding ENET Cable For BMW Easy coding Scanner

EASYCODING Software download and installation

1 Software download

Log in www.ucandas.com and download EasyCoding_setup_V1.0 installation package.

2 Software installation

Decompress EasyCoding_setup_V1.0 package and release the folder setup.exe or you can find setup.exe from
manufacturer’s Sandisk. The following is an example:

Press 【Next】

Press 【Next】

Press 【Next】

Choose “Create a desktop icon” and then press 【Next】

Press 【Install】

Press 【Finish】to operate “EasyCoding”

If Superdog is not inserted, the following information will pop up.

If Superdog is inserted, you will enter software application interface.

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