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ECU Remapping: How to Remap your car ECU?

by NandRepair Team

what is the ecu remapping? remapping is nearly the same as chipping tuning, but it isn't need chipping the car, Nowadays, we only use the standardised port fitted in cars post 2000, we can diagnostic in your vechicles engine. then using the special software and analysis tools, we can remap or re-programmer your love car's ECU.

Which cars should be remap ECU?

IF your car is a turbo models or electronically controlled fuel injection, there are massive power and should strongly need a auto ECU remap, is not the auto chip tuning.

If you know how to remap cars ECU means you can:

1. Fine-tune your car's fuel economy, especially if you know at which speeds it spends much of its driving time;
2. Get more horsepower out of your car's build
3. Allow you to add upgrades, performance parts, and modifications ("mods") without potentially damaging or decreasing your car’s performance
4. Make the engine more responsive to acceleration
5. Smoothen your engine’s power delivery, so you don’t need to switch gears as often
6. Increase or decrease your engine’s rev range as needed
7. Increase or decrease your car’s speed limit as needed
8. Save money on gas bills by improving fuel efficiency

Maybe you will ask if is it safe for your vehicles?

the re-mapping process will enhances the power of the engine(ECU), Extra power will also resut in fewer gear changes, usually, manufacturers have to build in a tolerance for the parts in the engine, to manage the effect of wear and tear, to ensuire their warranty time.

before you remapping, you should conside about if is a good remap from the tuner will never get close the limits of the engine, if within guarantee, just do it!

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