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EWS4 EWS-4.3 EWS 4.4 IC Adaptor For AK90 R270/Xprog

by NandRepair Team

EWS4 EWS-4.3 EWS 4.4 IC Adaptor is no need bonding wire. Without soldering any wires, just on board. this adapter can be used to work with Xprog, AK90 and R270 programmers. as for EWS4 EWS-4.3 EWS 4.4 IC Adaptor user manul, you can check it as follows:

EWS 4.3 & 4.4                    9S12(2L86D)                   On board reading Adaptor

EWS 4.3 & 4.4 9S12(2L86D) On board reading Adaptor

(Before reading, please use "sand paper" to scrape glue off the circuit in back of EWS)

Working with AK90 programmer:

Must be with the small circuit on reading:

Select "2L86D" under AK90 software

Working with X-PRO programmer:

No need small circuit on reading

Select "MC9S12-EEPROM-secured" family under "MCU/MPU" in the software

Working with R270 programmer

must be with the longer cable

Select "2L86D" under the selection of software and select reading "EPROM or FLASH" as you wish

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