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FAQ About On-Board Diagnostics System

by NandRepair Team

There are many obd2 scanners available in the market. it is a very common obd scan tools for the users. but some of the customers haven't much time to get more information about obdii scan tool. Maybe they will ask some easy question, such as what is obdii? How Does it Work?

We will talk about these FAQ About On-Board Diagnostics System

1. What is OBD2?

you can find it the answers from google:

On-board diagnostics (OBD) or OBD2 is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. the car manufacturers install it on vehicles built since 1996. the function is sending an alert when there’s a problem with the vehicle. which allow the users to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle.

2. How Does The OBD2 Work?

there is a computer tracks data on the performance of the vehicles. if there is a problem detected, the engine light will be activated by the on-board computer.

3. why using The OBD-II Test?

with obdii system, you will diagnostic code and problems fast, it can save much times for owner, It alerts owners to emissions problems while repairs are less costly.

4. which is the cheap OBD Scanner?

From the China market, you can find many kinds of OBD Scanner, such as ELM327 Bluetooth, autel autolink al519 scanner, Bluetooth iCar 2 etc. More information, please visit www.nandrepair.com.



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