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Fcar FVCI J2534 Passthru Software/Firmware Update Manual:

by NandRepair Team

How to update your Fcar FVCI J2534 Passthru Software&Firmware? we only know Fcar FVCI Passthru J2534 Reflash VCI Replace Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P. but maybe you don't know how to upgrade it, today, We only give you some Manuals to help you update your Fcar FVCI Device.

Official website: www.fcar.com
1. Click "FVCI" icon on the desktop. Note: The computer must be connected to internet.
2. Click "Read Version" can read FVCI software and hardware version.
3. Click "Firmware Update" can update the hardware.
4. Click "Software Update" can update the software.
5. Click "DOIP", then click "Enter DOIP mode", the FVCI will enter the situation of Ethernet convert to OBD2 of DOIP.
6. Click "Firmware Refresh" when you operate "firmware update" error.
Update Tips

1) Please enable internet connection before upgrade
2) The firmware version and software version must be the newest version meanwhile. Otherwise the device will appear some error.

3)  If you use "Firmware update"failed, you can use "Firmware refresh".


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