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Fix iTunes Error 4013/4014? So easy!

by NandRepair Team

 Some guy like to updated the itunes version from his iphone, but it is not a lucy guys, Maybe you will face many errors after you updated, one of Errors called 4013/4014.

Then 99% customers will looking for a solution way via google, you maybe get many useless solutions just Like:

1. Change the port
2. Change the wire
3. Change your computer
4. Or use tiny umbrella etc

But the truth is these all is not very correct or help you out of it. Actually this error comes due to BAD CONNECTION with Apple software server. Steps to follow:-

1-Run Notepad as Admin

2-Open your host file


3-remove all the lines with gs.apple.com and add this one there

# albert.apple.com and save your host file

4-try restore your iOS device again, Hope this way can fix the error

     If still is failure, we think you need a phone icloud unlock Tool to fix this error. NAVIPLUS PRO3000 nand Flash memory Error Repair instrument is a special tool Can DILATATION AND REPAIR ERROR : 9, 40, 2 009, 4013, 4014, caused by the failures of the hard disk red screen, blue screen, boot screen failure.

  and also you can choose the newly item named 870 PCIE Nand Flash HDD Test Fixture, Repair iphone restore error 4014 (NAND bad / good error ).

we hope this solution works for your iTunes Error 4013/4014 problems, good luck!

IF you want to get more repair guide about phone/Auto repair, Please don't forget pay close attention to nandrepair.com.




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