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Handy Baby V7.0 Key Programmer updated to V7.0 Version

by NandRepair Team

Handy Baby key programmer is updated to V7.0 version. Handy Baby V7.0 is verified working fine, what's new at cablesmall V7.0 Handy Baby car key programmer?

JMD Handy Baby Key Programmer Handy Baby CBAY For 4D/46/48 Chip

Handy Baby V7.0 newly released:

New Added Function

1. Simulating ID46
2. read and write from/to ID47(Hiatg3)
3. Distinguish A/G keys For Honda ID47(Hitag3)
4. More detail information in keys(including hitag AES, hitag PRO, etc)
5. ID46 of Beidouxing(For Suzuki) generate
6. For Honda ID47(hitag3) generate(with blank ID47)
7. Copy more For Volkswagen keys (with JMD Assistant)

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