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Handy Baby V8.2.1 Sofware and assistand 5.0.0 Free Download

by NandRepair Team

handy Baby V8.2.1 Version is released! if you need 8.2.1 Version software download, or you wanna upgrade your older handy baby. you can download as follows.

Handy Baby V8.2.1 Sofware Free Download


V8.2.1 handy Baby New functions:

1. New cars of key maker:  for Chrysler、for Jeep、for Ferrari、for Lincoln、for Audi、for Volkswagen、for Honda、for Kawasaki、for Ha/ma、for Dongfeng、for Landwind、for Mazda, for Mitsubishi、for Volvo、for Hyundai、for Chevrolet、for Yamaha、for Zoyte、for Zhonghua、for FAW、for Jinbei、for Cherry、for Citroen 、for KIA、for Ford、for Toyota、for Fiat、for Perodua、for  Hafei、for Changfeng、for Suzuki ,etc.
2. Clone for Sagitar ID48(before 2010 year) (with JMD Assistant)
3. Clone for Bora 1.4T ID48 (with JMD Assistant)
4. for Dongfen ID46 generate
5. Fix bug

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