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Hantek 6074BE Automotive Oscilloscope User Manual

by NandRepair Team

Hantek 6074BE Series Kit including Hantek 6074BE Kit I, Hantek 6074BE Kit II, Hantek 6074BE Kit III and Hantek 6074BE Kit IV. Hantek 6074BE Standard equipped over 80 types of automotive measurement function. Some of customer bought Hantek 6074BE usb oscilloscope, but failure to install software or use it on windows10. Here Nandrepair list Hantek 6074BE Automotive Oscilloscope user manual, Sincerely hope it can help you.

Hantek 6074BE System Requirement

To run the oscilloscope software, the needs of computer configuration are as follows:
Minimum System Requirements

Operating System
Window XP/Vista/Win7

Upwards of 1.00G processor

256M byte
Disk Space
500M disk free space

Screen resolution
800 x 600

Recommended Configuration
Operating System
Windows XP SP3 System

2.4G Processor
1G Byte Memory
Disk Space
80G Disk Space

Screen resolution
1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024 resolution
DPI Setting
Normal Size (96DPI)

Connect the oscilloscope
You should connect the A-Type Plug of USB cable to your PC USB port and connect   the other A-Type Plug of USB cable to oscilloscope USB port.Input a signal to a channel of the oscilloscope The oscilloscope is equipped with two channels plus external trigger.

Please input signal in the following steps:

1. Set the attenuation switch on the probe as 10X and connect the probe on the oscilloscope with CH1. Aim the slot in the probe connector at the faucet on BNC of CH1 and insert, then, turn right to lock the probe. Finally, attach the tip of probe and ground nip to the Connector of Probe compensator.

2. Set the CH1 probe attenuation of the oscilloscope to X10. (The default is X1).

3. Attach the tip of probe and ground nip to the Connector of Probe compensator. Click the button. A square wave will be displayed within a several seconds. (Approximately 1kHz, 2V, peak- to- peak).

4. Inspect CH2 with the same method. Repeat steps 2 and 3.



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