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Help you choose the Best Iphone Repair Device

by NandRepair Team

As an professional Iphone repair workers/technican, how to choose the top Iphone Repair Device for youself? is there any advice when you meet the any of problems, such as no sounds, software problem....etc,choose the right tools, you will save much energy and time, on this article, we will give you more information.

JC PCIE Nand Flash IC Programmer

JC Pro1000S PCIE Module not only can working on JC software, but also can working together with JC pro1000S Programmer.PCIE Nand Repair Machine is a SN change tool. JC PCIE repair machine Support repair WIFI, Hard disk automatically detect.

-Why JC PCIE is the Best Iphone Repair Device?

1:  Don't need Boot Nand Flash, easy to use
2:  Batch / Mass Burning NAND, Fast and convenient
3:  Support Wifi underlying data repairing, remove WIFI Binding problem, changing WIFI IC anywhere
4:  2 kinds mode: reading / writing mode,  flashing mode
5:  When the Nand direction is error, automatic alarm, don't damged machine
6:   Fast testing Nand problem, good or bad?
7:  Support the functions updated and extended in future.

QUICK 861DW Hot AIr Rework

QUICK 861DW Hot AIr Rework Station support 110V/220V. it is a universal professional cell phone repair Soldering Station, QUICK 861DW is an anti-static hot air station which can work precisely with different size nozzles, it also protects iphone PCB from damaged by static electricity or current leakage

-Why QUICK 861DW is the Best Iphone Repair Device?

1. With automatic sleep function, in a dormant state parameters can be set. Sensor closed loop, microcomputer zero trigger temperature control, power, heating quickly, easily and precisely adjust the temperature stable, free from the influence of wind.
2. The use of brushless vortex blower, air flow adjustable, wide range, can be adapted to a variety of uses.
3. The system has an automatic cooling function of wind capacity, extend the life of the heating element and protect the hot air handle.
4. Designed with CH1, CH2, CH3 three working channels, and each channel can be set to the amount of wind, and temperature.
5. Password protection and key lock function.
6. Facilitate real-time operation, with magnetic switch control lever is placed in the handle holder immediately into hibernation.

IP-Box V3 IPhone Passcode Crack Tool

IP-Box V3 for crack the forgotten passcode of iphone. iPhone 7/7 Plus by Password unlock tool with great performance for iphone unlocking Repair. phone Screen Password unlock support iSO 11/10, Remove passcode from iphone 4 to 5s.

-Why IP-Box V3 is the Best Iphone Repair Device?

1: You can set/ add frequently used Password database by the software, fast-speed matching the right passcode with frequently used Password
2: You can setting the password interval by the PC-software, for example: Start: 543300, END: 61000, Narrowing the matching interval.
3: Don't need Restore the iphone,  without losing any data.
4: Just support iphone 7/7plus ( iSO 11/10)


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