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How Many Kinds of UP828P UP-828P Programmer Flash Adapters?

by NandRepair Team

AS we know, UP-828P is the update version of Up-828, UP828P is more powerfull than UP828. UP-828P Programmer Supporting a plenty of mobilephone memory chips. How Many Kinds of UP828P UP-828P Programmer Flash Adapters? you can check UP828 UP818 Programer series information on our website.

UP-828P programmer Adapters´╝Ü

Suit for pin pitch 0.65mm, 0.75mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 0.5mm etc devices;
Support Package: BGA, EBGA, SOP, TSOP, PSOP, TSSOP, SDIP etc..
High quality and lower price, can used more than 20,000 times.

Adapter models     application

EBGA64     Suit for 1.0mm pin pitch BGA package chips, 8X8 arrays
VBGA56     Suit for 0.5mm pitch BGA56 package chips    
VBGA169EX4     Suit for 0.5mm pitch BGA package chips´╝îMOVINAND/iNAND/eMMC  
VBGA11P5     For iphone IC  
VBGA153162P   up-828P Adapters  Suit for all kind of eMMC type chips   
SOIC8SX4     SOP package
SOIC16WX4     SOP package
VBGA11P5    up-828P Adapters 0.5mm Pitch 2270L U16X 21916 U16X IC
BGA167P      up-828P Adapters A variety of smartphones and featurephones (pre eMMC) for the UP-828P Chip Programmer
BGA107NP     up-828P Adapters
SBGA152P     up-828P Adapters 0.65mm Pitch BGA152 package chips


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