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How Many kinds of UP828P VBGA Series Adapters Do You Know?

by NandRepair Team

 There are many UP828P VBGA adapter, maybe you are not sure which is the best one for your work, we will show you All BGA Socket for UP828P series programmer. if you consider which one is good, you can check it as follows:

First let check the Package definition:

In the electronics industry, the so-called package refers to the specific shape of the chip pins on the PCB. The pins of the chip can be matched with the pads on the PCB to facilitate soldering. The electrical connection between the chip and the board is achieved by encapsulation. The main package form of the MCU/CPU class programmable control chip is described below.

VBGA11P5 Adapters For Iphone

VBGA40 UP828 Chip Socket

VBGA48P UP-828P UP-818P adapter

UP Test Socket VBGA56

VBGA64 Socket Adapter

VBGA133 Adapter for iPhone3GS iPhone4S

VBGA134 Adapter For iPhone4

VBGA153P UP828 Adapter

VBGA160P Programmer Socket

UP828 VBGA162 Socket

VBGA168P Socket Adapter For UP828P UP-828P Programmer

VBGA240P Adapter VBGA240NP

VBGA318P Mobile Flash Test Adapter

VBGA128P Socket

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