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How Many Kinds of WOYOsmart Series Tools Do You Get?

by NandRepair Team

WOYOU SMART tries our best to offer the opportunity to enhance personal ability and realize individual value. as a newer plintless dent repair manuafactory, woyo is your best choice.

Today, Let's collection all WOYOsmart Series Tools, in order to let you find the right tools more easlier.

1. WOYOSMART Paintless Dent Repair WOYO PDR-007

Unlike traditional PDR, the PDR HOT BOX is the cleanest and fastest way for fixing hail or boulders dents, door dings and other minor soft dents. Induction heating is the highest tech method for removing soft dents, the result is a clean dent repair in a fraction of the time compared to a conventional PDR tool.

2. WOYO UC009 Ultrasonic Cutter

this is the new item from woyo company in 2018 year, that is with Efficient for cutting and deburring of composite material of FRP and  plastic materials. Most suitable for accurate correction work required on PCB

3. WOYO HBR012 Heater Rust Converter

When repairing machinery, you will frequently find that some bolts are  exceptionally difficult to remove.The traditional solution to this  problem has been to apply a flame to the bolt, which will loosen it,  but this method is both dangerous and time consuming.With today’s, inefficient parts remove can seriously erode your profit.The sooner vehicles can be repairs begun, the sooner you start making money.

4. WOYO Ultrasonic Cutter TUIREL Key Cutting

what's the advantages of WOYO Ultrasonic Cutter?

High speed vibration 39,800 times per second, to maintain a stable

power and good surface
Power balance control, reduce the loss caused by the wrong operation
Stable operation, bring good surface craf.


This light/reflection board is used to help operator easily repair the dent. By training part of the  auto body on the light, the distorted part will reflect where the dent is. It is suitable for light color car or highlight condition in particular. You can also adjust the color temperature by yourself. With LED display and three suckers, you would be clear about the exact color temperature and the repair work would be much easier.

6. WOYO Remote Control Tester

WOYO Remote Control Tester has been developed to assist with the diagnosis of all types of (IR) Infra Red and (RF) Radio Frequency remote controls. WOYO Remote Control Tester can be used on most makes and models of vehicles including trucks, remote control models and domestic appliances.


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