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How To Activate CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Key Programmer?

by NandRepair Team

CGDI Prog MSV80 is an high technical auto maintenance and programming tools, CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 only support english, in this article, we will share how to How To Activate CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer, As we know, there are many kinds of auto key programming tools, why CGDI Prog MSV80 is recommand by nandrepair.  There are three reasons as follows:

1. it is powerfull, Support Key Programming for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3 ,and Support Key Matching and All key lost for CAS4 /CAS 4+;

2. Multi-functions, Support BMW Key Programming with OBD Functions

3. Software response fast, short time programming, and new breakthrough in operation safety and technical support.

How To Activate CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer?

You see CGDI start displays “Device activation time remaining -1 days”, it means the device is not active.

Click “Active”

Copy the SN to Nandrepair,and not close this dialog.

Enter the activation code from Nandrepair, click on “Active”.

CGDI Prog is activated, please wait until it succeed.

Restart CGDI Start, you can see it displays " Device activation time remaining 90 days", the activation succeed and CGDI Pro is working.

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