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How to Activate Xtuner E3 Easydiag Tool?

by NandRepair Team

The manual of Activate Xtuner E3 Easydiag Tool. when you bought Xtuner E3 sanner, you need to know How to Activate Xtuner E3 Easydiag Tool.

WINDOWS10 XTUNER E3 Easydiag Tool Wireless XTUNER E3 Scanner

How to Activate Xtuner E3 Easydiag Tool?

Note: Please check network connectivity, Make sure your network is working.

Run xtuner-E3 application
Click on" online store" to get applications.
Click on" online store"
Please input the s/n number and password from the envelope, and then login
click on" login"
Click " yes", if the xtuner E3 obd2 scanner is not actived
input your information, incl.the email& country
click" activate"


your email address must be real in order to get the activated link and the further better service from the manufacturer. the software update update reminder and the new product release information will be sent to your email
if you do not receive the activation email. pls send email to cablesmall@hotmail.com to the white list of your mailbox and try me activation process again.
company name: company name must be filled in and the length is within 250 characters.
country: please choose your country in the list.
Press" yes" to confirm your information:
please click the link to get the confirmation from the manufacturer.
Enjoy xturner E3 obdii diagnosis

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