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How to choose Soldering Station For Phone repair?

by NandRepair Team

As a repairman, the Soldering Station is the essential equipment for your job. how to make a good choice to buy the right one Hot AIr Rework Station? you should pick the right equipment before you pulled out your payment to buy a Soldering Iron.

Which is too important between technique and device?

on the market, you can buy a Soldering Station for 48USD, also you can buy it for 250USD, why have so much difference. we think the expensive one with a good features, but are you sure you need the top functions  of your activity

Sometime, as a newbies, it is really hard to find where is wrong, due to your technique or your repair tools? when you are just starting out, the buyer alwaying think they are no need something great, it is not the right thinking. when you fix something failure, it is hard to distinguish the false results, even you doubt that becasue of your bad Your technology, but the truth is, you didn't use the right Soldering Station.

what's the important technical parameter of an Soldering Station

1.  Power

as so far, the most important attribute for all kinds of Soldering Iron rework station is the power of the Soldering Station. before you buy the Soldering Station, you can check the power first. it is no doubts the 1000W soldering iron is more better than 200W, for some job, it is a shame that some low power sation not having enough power to get the job Done.

2. Nozzles

if you working with a HDMI Digital USB Microscope, you'd better using the bent nozzles. When working under a microscope, you can’t point the hot air directly at the board from above. It must be placed from an angle. sometimes, you also have to conside the size of nozzle, Using a 2mm nozzle to remove an SMC will never work, and using a 10mm to remove a tiny part on a cellphone is overkill. It’s best to buy a station that  has a good number of nozzles between 3 and 7mm available.

3. temperature

The temperature adjustment is very important for the use of the soldering station. Correctly adjust the temperature range to complete the repair and welding work. This is the most ideal choice. Some soldering stations can change the temperature through the button, if we are welding A large IC that is susceptible to heat requires a relatively high temperature. On the contrary, if we are dealing with something beside the CPU, it may require temperature, and the ability to quickly adjust these properties is very important.

which one nandrepair suggest?

Our the moment, we high suggest Quick 861DW hot air station. Why?

Easy to use interface: air & temperature adjustable in single button pushes.
Recallable presets for common air/temperature settings.
More powerful than anything we have tried to date.
Incredibly affordable at under $300.
Bent nozzles available.


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